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Photos from August 2013 Retreat at Habiba

Photos from August 2013 Retreat at Habiba

August's healing and detox retreat was at Habiba Beach Lodge Nuweiba. We were a group of only 3 this time, myself and two guests, but I decided to go ahead with the retreat as I needed the break myself and looked on this trip as a working holiday with plenty of free time to relax.

I have to say it was one of the most special and wonderful retreats in many ways. First take a look at the photos below and I will share with you why it was so great.

Healing Retreat Egypt

Habiba is a small resort on the beach of the Red Sea Gulf of Aqaba, with the Sinai mountains behind and the Saudi Arabian mountains across the Gulf. The rooms were spacious clean and simple, firm mattress beds, kettle, table chairs, clothes storage and the bathrooms with wet room style shower had a modern toilet, so that was great too.

Our two guests were Hisham from Cairo and Anthony from Yorkshire. As they both didnt need to lose weight, I adjusted the juice menu and added an evening meal of fresh fish sauteed veg and salads, which still gave us a detox when added to our 3 pints of juice a day and colon cleanse but at a gentler pace.

We had time to go outside the resort as we had an invitation from Farag, local Bedouin who runs excursions, to his home for bedouin tea and Fresh Bedouin Bread, sat in the shade of his house as it was really hot in August.


Detox Retreat Nuweiba

The sea was warm, like a bath, and clean and green andI swam twice a day. Just beautiful. The juices were great and the three of us got on well as I supported them through their healing goals through the week.

Healing Retreats Egypt

There was a bedouin tent onthe beach and that provided some shade and also a place for our workshops, meditations and healing sessions and creative sessions. This was our Sanctuary. Anthony was there to heal his life and his relationship, and we had daily sessions. his healing and transformation journey was awesome and gave rise to beautiful poetry expressing his journey and learning and major shifts and growth in himself. Hisham who's focus was detox and energy shared with us the Islamic Call to Prayer, which was so beautiful and touching to hear this from his heart as part of our meditations. I shared some of my poetry and songs. We had many a special moment in that bedouin tent at Habiba.

Marveloous Mervat who worked at Habiba Lodge and at Habiba Organic Farm became a good friend, as we had some outings walking ot the local town and spent some nice time together.

Healing retreats

To close our special retreat, I invited Farag and his bedouin friends to sing for us one evening and all the staff and Habiba community joined in. I even sang a couple of solos myself ! After our sad farewells I stayed on in Nuweiba to extend my holiday and made some very interesting trips to Habiba Organic to learn about some of the local sustainable community projects, and meet some interesting visitors to Habiba, and had the most awesome delicious Egyptian breakfasts ever. With my laptop and USB I managed to do a bit of work from the beach and keep up my daily swim in the beautiful warm sea for a bit longer too. Verrrry nice Cool

Habiba Comminity is a special place and I know I will be back thee soon to share it with another lovely retreat group.






Posted Sep 4, 2013   
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