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Heart Health Screening Heart Health Screening In conjuction with The Cardio Clinic on our healing retreats from 2015 we will be offering guests the option of a Heart Health Screening. This offers an opportunity for early detection of potential cardiovascular health problems by way of screening clients/patients ...
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Expected Weight Loss on A Detox Retreat

Expected Weight Loss on A Detox Retreat

Some people detox for weight loss, others for health energy and vitality where losing afew pounds is a bonus. You may just want to lose afew kilos, or you may have more to lose, and want to kick start your weight loss programme with a detox retreat, a healthy weight loss holiday!

During the two week detox programme we have time to look at your relationship with food, emotional eating patterns, sabotaging beliefs, creating a new healthy identity for achieving your target weight and for lasting weight loss.

Healthy Weight Loss

A juice fast and raw food programme is a naturally low calorie diet, 100% vegetarian, no animal foods or animals fats at all and it's absolutely jam packed and brimming with vital nutrients.

So the great news about losing weight through a detox programme is that its a healthy way to lose weight.

Periods of time fasting is good for the body and soul. While our overworked digestive system, the body gets to heal cleanse and repair.

Also, while focus is away from food, and all the ways we use foods, for emotional fullfillment, when we are stressed, to avoid certain feelings, even for pure enjoyment that we sometimes can't get enough of, when we remove food we get in touch with ourselves at a deeper level, we learn about ourselves and have the chance to heal and change parts of ourselves we have been avoiding and suppressing, leading us to deeper spiritual awareness, healing and new ways to satisfy our soul.

Average Weight Loss Per Week

Whilst there are no guarantees of how much weight you will lose, if you have it to lose, most people will drop 4-5 lbs per week, about 2 kilos per week.

Though I have known people lose more than this. This may also be down to results of colon cleansing. You would be amazed at how much weight some of us store in the colon !

Effortless Weight Loss

Another great thing about going away to a health retreat like this is, you don't even have to try. We have planned the menus, the exercise programme, (yoga, swimming and a bit of dancing), so you don't have to think about anything. You just have to show up.

You focus on your healing, relaxing, learning, getting your health, energy and zest for life back and enjoying your retreat. The weight just melts away while you have a great time.

 Yoga for gentle exercise  Swimming in the Red Sea  Relax on the beach and still lose weight

Relationship with Food

We can help you work on your relationship with food, and your beliefs about being able to reach your target weight, and maintain your natural weight, so that you can continue a healthy lifestyle and continue your weight loss when you return home if you wish.

This happens in our workshops using EFT and EMO techniques for releasing our emotions and beliefs, and through optional one to one healing that you can book with an experienced practitioner.

Reaching Your Target Weight and Lasting Weight Loss

Maintaining your target weight and keeping the weight off is about making permanant changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you return to old patterns then slowly and surely the weight will creep back on.

For some of us, making permanent changes in eating patterns or increasing regular exercise is alien to us. It may not have been part of who we are for many years. We almost have to create a new identity, a new you, who enjoys various forms of exercise so that its easy integrate into your lifestyle, who enjoys healthy eating and doesn't over eat becasue the inner programming is differnt.

Creating A New Identity for Health

Creating a new identity so that our natural tendencies are to eat and live healthily means we have to change our beliefs about ourselves. What we believe is what manifests in our lives. So if we dont change these old limiting or sabotaging beliefs and replace them with new helpful beliefs, old patterns can re-emerge.

Again that we have powerful tools of EFT and EMO to help us make these important inner changes, and the workshops give us the opportunity to identify the areas within that we want to change.

Detox and Lose Weight At Home

If you would like to get started right away with  the raw food way of eating for optimum health, vitality and weight loss, I can recommend a great and inspiring book to help you:

Weight Loss and Raw Food

If you struggle with changing your diet and prefer something simple, like the meal replacement approach that you can do also at home, then check out this tried and tested 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss on a Detox Retreat

Posted Jul 25, 2010   
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