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Photos and Feedback from January 2015 Healing Retreat Photos and Feedback from January 2015 Healing Retreat The Fab Four have just completed a wonderful detox and healing retreat in Nuweiba Sinai Egypt in January. We were a small group of 4, a Laughter Yoga Instructor, a HR Manager from West Sussex and a Yoga teacher and myself, Sandra Hillawi, just as much ...
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Egypt Detox Healing Retreats Programme

Egypt Detox Healing Retreats Programme

Stay 1 week to 2 weeks with us in our retreat venue by the Red Sea Nuweiba, Sinai Egypt on the Gulf of Aqaba or Stay a whole month in August! Discover what sets us apart from other retreats. Yes, we do juice fasting and a raw foods for detox cleansing, weight loss, energy and vitality. Yes we do yoga and meditation for physical strength flexibility and inner peace and glow. But we have a third dimension.

We give attention and focus to the emotions and our emotional life to help change the negative to positive! Through our workshops and one to one healing sessions we help you to release blockages held within your energy system that are the cause of your emotional stress and emotional behaviours and help you make the inner changes which result in the life changes you want to see. Guests appreciate the self learning and understanding they gain through this part of our programme and the tools they take home for self management for continued health and happiness as well as the weight loss and revitalising during their stay.

Read on for the full programme details.

Week One Detox and De-Stress

In week 1 we focus on cleansing the body and the intestinal system, releasing all your stress with EFT, EMO and relaxation therapies, revitalise you with raw foods and juice fasting, help you find deep peace with yoga and meditation with our experienced Yoga Teachers Jo Hogarty. In five group workshops you discover the world of energy you live in, the energetic nature of emotions  and simple natural techniques for transforming our everyday experience from anxiety and stress to acceptance, flow, release for growth and personal evolution, essential skills for life.

Week Two Love and Relationships

In week 2 we continue the yoga and detox for weight loss, vitality and health. In our workshops we explore more deeply the important areas of love and relationships. The broad themes focus on healing the past, handle difficult behaviours, relationship with yourself, love and forgiveness, family, work and romantic relationships, and your relationship with food, but will also be led by the particular needs of the guests in attendance. 


Customise Your Perfect Retreat

We want to support you getting what you want out of this retreat. So whilst we have a comprehensive programme available, all elements are optional. You can come simply for a detox, you can come for the healing workshops, you can come for the yoga or just to lose weight and spend the days swimming diving snorkling or enjoying the region.

Or for maximum benefit, participate in all parts of the programme. Its completely up to you. So here's the programme for you to pick and mix from :

Detox retreat menu raw food and juices Detox retreat menu raw foods and juices Detox retreat menu raw foods and juices

Group workshops will give you a chance to learn and use powerful techniques of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and EMO for emotional transformation to releasing emotional blockages, for letting go of past stress, to make the mind changes you want to make, and for spending time on nurturing you and your relationship with yourself. 

One to one healing sessions We are very experienced in the use of powerful energy healing techniques such as EFT and EMO to help you release deeper or more complex stresses and burdens that you are carrying. The one to one healing sessions are a chance to do deep healing and make lasting changes in your health, life and relationships with the help of a qualified practitioner.

Healing Retreats self help workshops Healing retreats workshops on the beach Yoga at sunrise with Jo Hogarty

Pampering with relaxation therapies We also make sure you relax with lots of pampewring too. Choose a massage on the beach or indoors, foot massage by the pool or on the beach, plus additional optional therapies are available depending on what therapists we have attending each retreat.

Yoga and Meditation classes are at sunrise and in the evening before bed 5 days a week.

A colon cleansing programme with intestinal herbs and enemas to help you detox more comfortably and to cleanse out accumulated body and digestive wastes.

Delicious detox menu with mouthwatering raw recipes and several days of juices only for your deep tissue cleanse and to restore your health and vitality. You have the option to do a short juice fast mid week or extend to a longer juice fast.

You also get plenty of free time to swim, relax, mingle or explore the area.

Plenty of time for relaxation on the beach Making friends and connections Glass bottomed boat local excursion



The programme offered is comprehensive to address all areas of mind body and spirit. So whether you want a yoga retreat, a health retreat, a weight loss retreat...or deep healing and support through life changes we think we have something to offer you.


Cleanse, detoxify and revitalise with fresh juices

The Typical Week

Orientation : Natural Healing for Mind Body and Spirit, What Why and How ?

Workshops : 5 Energy Healing workshops Morning or late afternoon

Cleanse :     3-4 days 100% raw food detox 

                  3-4 days fresh juices 4 juices a day + top ups

                  (longer juice fasts possible, pls enquire on booking)

                  Mineral broth on juice days


                  Additional whole food superfood supplements to top up your vits and minerals

Colon Cleanse :

                  Intestinal cleansing with herbs, probiotics, plus personal enema kit

Yoga  :        5 Classes Early morning yoga, 5 classes evening meditation

Morning-Mid afternoon:        Free for therapy sessions and relaxation

Adventure :     Free time to enjoy optional excursions or just relax

Weightloss :    Average  4-7 lbs week 1, 3-4 lbs week 2+

Those staying only for week 1 will transition back to raw foods before departure. Those staying for 2 or more weeks, have the option to go onto raw foods for afew days following the gentle detox path with a 2nd juice fast each week, or to continue their juice fast into the next week, a total of 10 days juice fasting, then transition back to raw solid meals before leaving.

Optional Therapies

THREE One to One Therapies are included in your Programme each week.

You may book additional therapies including : EFT and EMO (£50) Massage (1 hr £35), Foot Massage (£25 30 mins) Thai Yoga Massage (£75 2hrs). Other therapies may also be available eg. reflexology, reiki, reflexology depending on which therapists are on the staff team that week.

Peace relaxation and stunning views And even time fro a spot of shopping - handmade bedouin jewellery and gifts Relaxing between asanas



Yoga classes with Jyoti Jo Jyoti Jo The Cosmic Dancer Jyoti Jo - the perfect Triangle

Health happy free and afew kilos lighter !!

Optional Excursions

In your free time you may wish to consider one or more of the following excursions which may be booked via the hotel you are staying at. Detox meals/juices are planned for your travel so you stay on track.

1) Moses Mountain and St Catherine's Monastery

This can be taken as a night time trip, ascending Moses mountain, where Moses received the 10 Commandments, travelling by camel or on foot, in a procession of torches to watch the sunrise over the Sinai from the summit, then descending to St Catherine's Monastery, holding the greatest collection of ancient scriptures and icons outside of the Vatican, built at the site of the Burning Bush. Rate approx $65 per person (rate may vary depending on hotel and group size)

2) The Ancient City of Petra Jordan

This is a full day trip to visit one of the remaining wonders of the ancient world. Rate approx $275 per person (may vary depending on hotel and group size)

3) Other trips available: Visit  canyons and oasis in the Sinai desert, Salah el Din's Castle, Glass Bottomed Boat trips to view the coral reefs, Snorkling trips or nip to the local town for gift shopping.


Family Travelling with You

By hosting the healing retreats at small friendly hotels, this means your family or friends do not have to miss out when you go on your detox yoga holiday. They can travel with you and enjoy the facilities and menu of the hotel, while you cleanse heal and revitalise.

The rates for family travelling with you correspond to the hotel's standard rates.

Posted Jan 3, 2012   
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