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Detox Yoga Retreat Photos and Report Egypt Oct-Nov 2010

Detox Yoga Retreat Photos and Report Egypt Oct-Nov 2010

What a wonderful place it was, at Al Sayadeen Village, Nuweiba and at last here are the photos and report back from this healing retreat October-November 2010. Yoga, raw foods, juices, meditation, energy healing, dancing and great natural beauty. Enjoy!


 It was a long journey for some from the Uk to Sharm el Sheikh, then the transfer to Nuweiba in Soliman Travels 4 x 4, through the Sinai desert. We didnt see much of it at night, but we awoke next morning to the breath taking natural beauty of El Mezina Bay, Nuweiba.

Al Sayadeen Nuweiba Egypt

Nestled along the bay was Al Sayadeen Village with its rooms on the beach. The rooms we found to be basic, clean and adequate for our needs, with ensuite, air conditioning TV. The style has been designed and chosen to be natural and rustic to blend in with the nature and mountains setting. Most guests appreciated it's simplicity and were glad not to be in a standard hotel, which could be anywhere. Sayadeen had its appeal!

Rooms at Sayadeen Village are on the beach

We started our detox, fruit platters for breakfasts, salads for lunch and dinner, til the juice fast began, all 8 days of it, for those staying 2 weeks. Some found it hard, others managed well, building to energy and vitality and a surprising lack of hunger after a while.

The chef and hotel staff did a great job with the menu and looking after us, as we were a strange group for them but they were willing to learn and accommodate us with all our requests.

Juice fasting water melon and its rind

After a week afew guests weighed in at the scales in reception and were delighted at how much weight they had already lost, with another week to go before returning home. Guests lost between 6-11 lbs in weight during their detox.

Yoga classes were lead by Yogi Praveen at sunrise, yes, 6.30 am, as the sun was too hot at our originally planned 8 am, which meant many guests were already sunbathing before breakfast!

Yoga classes at sunrise in Nuweiba

Massage was on the beach, at the far quiet end, and it was wonderful to relax and be pampered in the open air, in the warmth of the sun listening to the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore. Heavenly.

The meditations were in the evening with Praveen and the workshops were lead by me, in the one of the many bedouin sitting areas on the beach. The workshops were optional and not everybody participated, but those that did learned simple useful techniques EFT and EMO for releasing stuck emotional energies and releasing stress.

It was a great opportunity for EFT and EMO during the retreat, as we tapped and softened and flowed on the beach, under the sun, at the beach bar, at reception, in the kitchen and restaurant, with guests and the locals and hotel staff.

With the workshops and one to one therapies, deep healing was possible for several guests bringing the opportunity for real and lasting change in their lives.

We healed post natal depression, relationship issues, bereavement and fear of the future following major life changes. We even helped one guest cure her snoring and released the Chef's leg and shoulder pain.

Detox symptoms like headaches and occasional nausea were easy for EFT and EMO to release, and guests were astonished to see how much faster a headache could be released even compared to taking pain killers.

EFT Healing at our retreat

But while some attended workshops, others were free and welcome to relax on the beach, and build up their tan and of course to rest.

As people's vitality started to increase we had afew trips out. A snorkling boat trip, afew went to visit Petra in Jordan for a day trip and some wandered into the port to explore the local shops and get rations for the trip home. St Catherine's Monastery, Moses's Mountain and burning bush were on offer but we didn't make it this time.

Our detox project was something very new in Egypt and we attracted atttention from the local police chief and his wife who came to find out what was going on, and went away delighted with the detox recipes. Another local Police officer also came down to check on us. After explaining about the detox and about EFT, I offered to try to help him release a chronic pain in his head that he had for 2 years. He was delighted to be pain free and invited our group to an authentic Bedouin night along the coast.

So we went off on our safari, a very bumpy ride along a dirt track following the coast line, til we reached a simple camp, justa  tent, of the local humble Bedouin man who lived there on the land. The sky was so clear we never saw so many stars and we sat round talking in the candle light, drinking Egyptian tea til he got his homemade stringed instrument out and played and sang for us. With some dancing and singing it was a simple beautiful and most charming evening, a wonderful surprise that came from simply sharing healing gifts with the locals.

Hope you enjoy the photos in the short video I put together above.

The next Egyptian retreats are 26 December to 2 January, our Christmas and New Year detox retreat, then 2 January til 9th or 16th January for our New Year detox and weight loss retreat. Check out dates and prices here.

Best of health and happiness to you and hope to be seeing you soon,

Sandra Hillawi

Meditation at our Retreat - in the sea?

Well actually, just try it yourself to see how difficult this is, especially if you are quite... bouyant! It was fun !

Posted Nov 24, 2010   
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