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Who The Hell Is StarFields?

Who The Hell Is StarFields?

Found the title of this article in my search stats this morning - and laughed for about half an hour!

I'll have a go at answering the anonymous visitor's question - "Who the hell is StarFields?"

Well, at the top level, StarFields is the Internet nickname of me, aka Silvia Hartmann.

But is StarFields the same as Silvia Hartmann?

I'm not entirely sure but I'm guessing, not quite.

pictures of starfieldsThe best way to explain this is to ask you, dear reader, to say your own name and consider where you got the name from, and if it really describes you on all levels and all layers.

If this question seems stupid to you, I might suggest you leave now because we're not on the same page and there's not a lot that can be gained from going any further on this point.

If, on the other hand, it makes sense to you that the construct - the conscious construct - that is associated with the name you use on credit card applications and army dog tags might be a little limited, or that there might be more to you than can be summed up with the name your parents gave you, or that you got from your husband, or wherever it came from, then you might have a sense of why I sometimes call myself StarFields.

It started out harmlessly enough - when you sign up for an emai address, or a website, or a forum, or a newsgroup, you need a unique name, right?

And I've always loved the idea of the StarFields - endless fields of stars, sown by a creative hand that governs them all, and everything beyond that, too.

To me, there is an order, a structure and a logic in the starfields. They are not a random scattering of separate suns alone; if you look with more than eyes of day alone, you can see connections between them; it is in fact, a giant web of fantastic proportions.

Whenever I think about the starfields, the annoying stresses and worries of every day simply fall away and I am happy. More than happy. Delighted, relieved, released, free, joyous, and full of hope and excitement about what next to learn, what next to taste and see, and what new ideas are going to come to me today.

So StarFields is a magic name for me, very much so.

It helps me to go HIGHER and take a HIGHER perspective on things; the coolness and clarity, sheer brilliance of the starfields is so attractive and such a wonderful remedy for the stresses of living life in the society as it is today.

Whenever I sign a product or service not with Silvia Hartmann, but with StarFields instead, there is an aspect there of something mystical, something that I consider to be a little out of the ordinary, and something that Silvia Hartmann probably wouldn't have thought of by herself - without a little help from the friends in high places ... :-)

Now I am not the buddha, or any kind of floating enlightened being.

But there is an aspect of me that has a connection to such things; and when I use the StarFields name, I acknowledge that connection.

So and to wrap this up, the answer to the question of who the hell is StarFields I am going to say its Silvia Hartmann +

And that answer satisfies at least me at least for now.

SFX Feb 2010



More about Silvia Hartmann @ http://silviahartmann.com

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