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What's Luck Got To Do With It!?

I was watching a rather sordid satellite TV programme about various weird aspects of sex when I came across something that did make me sit up and think, now this is a good teaching story in point.



What's Luck Got To Do With It???!!

I was watching a rather sordid TV programme about various weird aspects of sex when I came across something that did make me sit up and think, now this is a good teaching story in point.

Many people erroneously still cling on to the idea that success in love, in life, in business has something to do with an intangible quality called "luck" - and as they don't have it, they can't succeed.

Boy that is one easy way out!

Boy that is one miserable excuse for being a failure!

And it is amazing when you find a lesson like that in such an unlikely place.

So here's the deal.

There is this guy in the UK by the name of McCoy. He's about 45, looks like a door to door salesman with glasses and fairly shabby suit, bit overweight.

What's he do for a living?

He writes and publishes a guide to the UK's massage parlours, now in its 3rd year and steadily gaining in popularity.

Modelled on those "good food" guides, he gives marks for staff friendliness and appearance, cleanliness and accessibility of venue, and how sexy the massage was.

So his job consists of driving around the UK and visiting massage parlours, where he is welcome like a king and gets free treatments where the girlies work their hearts out to make sure he has a good time. This is also profitable enough for him to be doing it on and off for about 9 months of the year, and the rest of the time to relax elsewhere.

He does visit sex shops on route where he re-stocks his guide and as the camera followed him on his rounds, the guys working in those sex shops and the regular hotels he was staying in all said the same thing, "That lucky ****! What a lucky guy! God I wish I was him!"

But what the hell does luck have to do with any of it??

There is totally NO LUCK involved whatsoever!

No angel came from heaven, no publisher approached this guy and asked him to perform this public service!

There was no wife to support him and help him out, no lucky break with "someone who knew someone"!

He wasn't mobbed in the street by massage girls begging him to produce a guide for travelling salesmen so they could find the well hidden local amenities along the route!


He was a salesman, got made redundant, enjoyed massages A LOT and DECIDED TO DO THIS THING!

And then he went and did it.

And I guarantee you that the first ten, fifty, hundred girls laughed him out of the door and he had to pay for most of the massages to get the material and had to find the money somehow to get his first book published, and I guarantee you also that he walked the leather off his shoes going from one sex shop to the other to get them to stock his guide in the first place.

So, he is one lucky guy?

Yeah, right!

He is lucky because he actually took his idea AND MADE IT BECOME REAL.

He is lucky because HE BELIEVED IN HIS IDEA and put himself - his mouth, his money and his feet pounding the pavements! - right behind himself and helped himself to his piece of the action.

Which was always there and in all the other countries apart from the UK probably still is. Which in the UK still is there - the action, that is - for such a guide to all sorts of things of this nature. And all sorts of other natures, at that.

Where is the action that you want to get a piece of?

And are you *lucky enough* to believe in your abilities to go get yourself that piece?

Are you *lucky enough* to have you behind yourself, believing in you?

So who do you want to be - the equivalent of one of those jealous little guys behind the sex shop counter at five quid an hour watching him go out of the door with a big grin, on the way to his next massage, or do you want to be Mr McCoy himself?

Well ...

One thing's for sure.

You have to find to some way to answer that question for yourself.

"What's luck got to do with it?!"


Silvia Hartmann


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Posted Jan 30, 2003   
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