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The Making Of The Enchanted World

The Enchanted World is such an unusual project, I made a note of how and why it came to be to the StarFields list after it was brand new off my keyboard :-) So here is ...


The Making Of The Enchanted World

I have a project at the moment which is so truly amazing in its genesis and all the way, really, I wanted to tell you guys about it!

Now first of all, clear all those terror reversals - no I'm not writing a sales script here, this information product will be FREE FREE FREE, free as a bird, soaring high, in the eternal blue skies above our magical planet ...


Do you really know or begin to appreciate how much I HATE having to write constant advertisements for my various projects? Trying to find a way to convince people to give them a chance, to interact with them personally because unless you do, you just can't know WHAT they really are?

Do you know how deeply frustrating it is to me to hear over and over again that people think EMO is some sort of lame version of EFT, simply because they don't know what it is and are judging it according to their KNOWN disappointments and expectations?

How it drives me crazy when folk say oh yeah, it's just Sedona, isn't it. Or, I don't need it, I'm a Reiki Master ...

The same with Project Sanctuary. Oh yeah, did metaphor in my psychology degree. Know all about it ...

And again with HypnoDreams. Sure I've got LOADS of meditation and hypnosis CDs. Can't be any different, can it. In Serein? Who needs it when we have Harry Potter ...

But the fact is that my creations there ARE different. Their techniques are, their presuppositions are and the theories behind them and even HOW they are executed are really different from what folk who don't know want to compare them to.

Now I guess you would have to have been there for 25 years (this was and is the same problem with the dog training books which are NOT repeating what you get to read in ALL THE OTHER DOG TRAINING BOOKS! either!!!) to have any idea of how incredibly frustrating this is, especially over time.

But I've found a solution!

An art solution!

Or even a so-Lucian, which would be of course, my favourite kind :-)

I've written a short but rather information packed book for free distribution which sets out the principles of my work in clear, simple language and unambiguous directness.

It is only about 30,000 words long.

66 chapters (just came out that way, no intent on my conscious side!) of short articles which each explain a key point about a universe that consists not just of the Hard, but is a living, multidimensional and truly ENCHANTED WORLD.

It has 30 illustrations, many practical exercises anyone can do if they want to, and covers the most important principles of my research and findings since 1993.

So, I'm going to make this available as a FREE ebook first of all, and we're going to put this where ever intelligent people gather, so that people CAN MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS FROM A PLACE OF BEING WELL INFORMED as to whether what I'm doing here is of any value to them, is exciting and interesting, and FEELS like something they would like to do more of.

This short book is quite enough also to understand then ALL the other products because it forms a basis from which you can get it what ALL the other things are about, what they are supposed to do, and even HOW they work.

For people (like myself! LOL) this book forms also a reference FRAME to draw that mass of information, techniques, metaphors, functions, approaches, etc. etc. etc. I have generated along the way together in to cohesive, useable whole. So it is useful in that sense both for absolute beginners, as well as for the far end researchers to hold it all together.

I will be sending this for ebook preparation tonight, and we should have it in all the various download sections by the end of this week.

We will also make FREE (yay! chay!!!) hard copy and use the funds set aside for advertising to produce this book instead. P&P will have to be paid on it though.

So there's something to look forward to, and I'll give you lot the link first as a thank you for being here!

But now to the "Making Of ..." because that's really fascinating.

Earlier this year, I thought I might like to try and write something in German, for the first time in near enough 30 years.

Just to see if those ol' language circuits were still there for one thing, and also if all I'd learned about neurosemantics, hypnotic languaging, energy languaging and neuro-linguistics would be structural to me now and transposable regardless of the language in which these events were taking place.

To up the ante a bit and make it a bit more challenging, I decided that I would write a REAL BEST SELLER. Something that would be irresistibly interesting to the right crowd, something that would be passed from hand to hand, that people would talk about, that they would REMEMBER, and where they would give copies to their very best friends because they wanted to share it.

As I didn't want to let it drag on or develop into some tome, I set a word limit of 30,000 words for the whole thing, decided on the title (but not on the content!) Zauberwelt (The Enchanted World), and gave myself exactly one month to write it - from the 15th of April to the 14th of May 2004.

I also decided that as it needed to have a decent "spine presence" on bookshelves, it would have to have illustrations - but in black and white so this could be printed on mass and for the least amount of trouble or expense, or even photocopied - so we're really talking monochrome compatible rather than grey scale here.

So on the morning of April 15th I sat down with my laptop at the kitchen table and got started.

It was a bugger at first. I had to stop and get some paint markers to paint the German letters over the English ones on my keyboard so I'd know where the !"£$!! semicolon was to be found. Then I had to endlessly backspace because after 25 years of fast typing on an English keyboard, I just can't hit a z and remember that it's actually a y when I'm typing in German - LOL.

I also needed a good dictionary, and found a superb online one from the Munich Technical University which proved a real life saver.

But even so, the book SIMPLY WROTE ITSELF.

The headlines just appeared, the sequence and order, and the phrasings stunned me time and time again, because German is a lot more uncompromising than English and I'd heard my theories expressed THAT concisely or precisely before, that straightforward. In English, I'm always saying, "It is possible that ...", "It could be so that in my opinion the likelihood exists ..." and all sorts of disclaimers which were simply absent in the German version, where I would say things like, "I have learned that ..." and move straight to the point.

The illustrations also just happened, immediately and without a hitch.

It even closed itself very neatly on 30,000 words and was all done on the 8th of May, and I signed and dated it much like you would sign a painting instead of a book.

I edited it as much as you can without a spell checker or much conscious remembrance of German punctuation rules (LOL!) and then forgot all about it.

Until around July, it occurred to me to TRANSLATE IT into English.

Now I can't begin to know what caused this but I have a wide screen monitor, so I put up one Word document on the left, one on the right, and just set about matching all the headlines, images and words - just in a different language.

That was a very strange, very mindboggling exercise in "actual submodalities" - especially when I decided to switch the documents around every other chapter or so.

I just got involved with translating it more or less word for word, to keep the interesting energy of the original document alive, but still noticed that I was nonetheless "softening the blows" for the tender English readers again - making the illustrations smaller by 30%, for example, and turning down many of the German metaphors to be a little more ... hm, perhaps a little less CONTROVERSIAL.

Still, I finished it last night and I must say, that book, short as it is, is REALLY SOMETHING.

Apart from the perfect free gift it will also make a really superb AUDIO book. It READS aloud like a charm in English, very nice indeed, and after timing myself reading some sample chapters and doing some calculations it turns out to come out at exactly 6 hours - the standard length of a Nightingale Conant cassette set, of all things, 6 tapes, one hour double sided, 30 minutes either side.

What a remarkable "co-incidence"!

Especially considering that I had for the last two months, on and off struggled with a layout for ... a basic NC EMO 6 hour tape set!

LOL. I just got so bored shuffling the contents around the 12 sections, I gave up on it at least a dozen times or more along the way, and all that time, I already had the German document, ready to go, sitting on my hard drive!

Also, that thing with the "masterpiece". Here I was wondering what it might be. Thinking it was something I had to construct from scratch. Wondering if it was going to be the NC ET set. Or something else, like a weightloss book. Yes, honestly! I did think that for a day or two!!!

And the reason I was even thinking about the NC set and the "masterpiece" construction was - that I was engaging at that very time in making it already.

Only I didn't know that ...

It is really astonishing! I HAD to write it in German to strip all the nonsense out, to get OUT of my entrained ways in English communication, and in order to produce not a German, but an ENGLISH LANGUAGE MASTERPIECE that functions as a complete book in its own right, as an information device, as an audio book, as a neat presentation of skill and craft, as a first introduction from stone cold, as a portal to my work, as a bug fix for all the already existing objects and projects, as a framing device for them all, as an advertising device - and in a few years most likely even as a "best seller" because that was its original structural brief.


Is THIS an indicator of what happens when the HEROS systems come online a bit more?

I can tell you that I am, after all I've been through, truly astonished at how that worked out in the end.

How incredibly EASY that was. And it really was, I'm not kidding, it wrote itself, it translated itself, it illustrated itself and it even proofread itself so quickly, so EASILY, so smoothly - I've never done anything like that, in that way, ever before.

This is a real threshold shift for me in every way.

I can't wait to hear what you make of it.

Here's to ...

The Enchanted World!

Delightedly yours,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

5. 8. 04



Posted Aug 19, 2004   
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