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SpaceNodes The Interview

SpaceNodes The Interview

A mother son combo is a volatile thing ... Cool

When it's good, it's good. And then there are the many occasions where the two might fight like a couple of hungry racoons in a dumpster, as the saying goes ...

Still, when two intelligent human beings get together and follow their respective visions, good things can come of it ...

In this case, the good things are the SpaceNodes.

The World Wide Web is a truly wonderful thing, an opportunity like no other, no generation has ever in the whole history of humanity had access to anything like this.

Take a moment to reflect upon the wonder of it.


I mean that.

And to work with the very structure of the WWW is an enormous privilege.

Which we have been doing, and the result of which are the SpaceNodes, programmed single handedly from the ground up by Mr Alex Kent BSc.

Listen to the interview with Silvia Hartmann and said Alex Kent - aka mother and son, but don't tell anyone! - right here.

Enjoy Cool


Posted Feb 26, 2010   
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