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My Egyptian Discovery On My Chosen Retreat My Egyptian Discovery On My Chosen Retreat My Egyptian Discovery On My Chosen Retreat To be lying wide awake at twenty to three At present is not unusual to me To be lying awake with a bum going numb I can say is not an unusual one Numb from leaning, back to the wall But this time a change, ...
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SFI - October 2002

SFI October 2002 - ET's A Cousin | Win An "Oceans Of Energy CD" | Diary Dates for 2003 | Special Offers for Sidereus Portal Members.
EMOTM Is Officially A "Cousin"

Silvia Hartmann's original EMOTM, just two short months after having been presented at the Oxford Energy Therapy's conference to the Meridian Energy Therapies community has been added to the "EFT's Cousins" list on Gary Craig's http://emofree.com.

A true pure energy healing modality that retains the effectiveness of the meridian tapping techniques but then goes on to open the doors to whole new dimensions of understandings about the human energy body, EMOTM has been greeted with delight by the leading trainers and innovators in the community.

Amongst those who have experienced EMOTM for themselves and have come to understand the power and possibilities inherent in the system are such well known contributors and presenters as Maarten Aalberse, Joan Hitlin, Ananga Sivyer, Chrissie Hardisty, Birgitta Heiler, Peter Delves, Kjell Forsberg, Sandra Hillawi, Tia Solera, Sharon Toole, Debbie Phillips, and of course, Susan Courtney who will present the very first EMOTM Practitioner Training in California on Oct 4-6.

EMOTM is not a beginner's system nor an introduction technique to energy healing, but for those who have previous experience with Energy Psychology, Meridian Energy Therapies and pure energy healing modalities such as TT or Reiki it represents a breakthrough opportunity to take the step to the next level of being a true healer.

For those who are willing to step across, EMOTM can also represent a doorway into whole new realms of deep personal healing and profound release.

For personal experiences with EMOTM, please contact a practitioner as listed on http://EmoTrance.com.

For an in-depth training and the opportunity to have personal breakthrough experiences, release what holds you back from personal excellence and success in your work and private life, join the First US EMO Practitioner Training weekend.

It might turn out to be the best investment in yourself you've made in a very long time.

Online Signup - Full Details on http://emotrance.com


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    Posted Sep 29, 2002   
    Contact Sandra Hillawi

    Sandra Hillawi - waiting for your call :-))

    It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile 

    Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.

    Telephone Number UK +44 (0) 2392 433928

    or Add me to Skype : sandrahillawi

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