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SFI July 2013

SFI July 2013

The Positives are coming to the USA! In August and September 2013, in Dallas and Baltimore respectivley, Silvia will be holding an array of Trainings, including Positive EFT, Positive EMO, the Energy EFT Master Practitioner, and the brand new Trainer Training.

This special SFI has full details...

Hello everyone!

Just bought the plane tickets for my forthcoming trip to the US.

In the spring, I travelled around the United Kingdom and Ireland, met lots of energists and many civilians and learned a lot.

The result of this was Positive EFT, amongst many other things.

My fact finding mission was primarily about how to get modern energy techniques into the mainstream.

By mainstream, I mean how to make it so that every hospital offers it, every local health centre, and that what we have learned is available to use for real people - the guy who works the checkout at the gas station, the old gentleman on the park bench with his dog, the busy CEO of a company or a stressed manager, the window cleaner, the soldier, the housewife.

Talking with people who are not therapists, it becomes very apparent that normal people are not interested in therapy, and "personal development" is the last thing on their minds, as they are busy and stressed with work and family. Trying to make a living, trying to make their way in the world.

Normal people are, however, very interested in making their lives easier and having a better time of it.

They do not want to think about their worst moments, work on their childhood trauma (!!!) or start to psycho-analyse themselves.

We - who have been doing this stuff for decades in some cases - are so used to looking for roots and negatives and digging for trauma, it has become second nature.

By spending a lot more time with civilians, I began to see the problems we've always had with "spreading the word" about EFT. It asks people to turn their minds towards their problems, when it is natural and normal to want to turn AWAY from problems.

Indeed, it can be argued that for normal people that's the right thing to do.

To try and find SOLUTIONS to their problems NOW so there will be a better future NEXT, rather than digging up the past.

The thing is that EFT can offer that. There are two wings on the SUE scale, and it's the positive wing with the high energy states where the magic starts to happen.

So how about offering people the power of the positives instead of asking them to start thinking about their problems and formulating problem statements?

And really - OMG.

Going with what normal people naturally want makes the introduction of EFT so much easier.

It starts the relationship with EFT on a GOOD experience.

It makes people keen and interested to learn more, to feel even better.

And to me, that's the key to mainstreaming EFT.

When someone has experienced how EFT can make them feel better with the positives first, they are inordinately more likely to try EFT for other things as well.

Some might never want to do that at all, and that's OK as well.

Getting powerful positive energy experiences through EFT is not be sniffed at, and definitely not second best to becoming your own psychoanalyst.

So that's exciting news and a real breakthrough for all who are like us out there, trying to get more people to try EFT.

Positive EFT makes it consumately easy to invite people to just have a go - and feel good.

But then there's also that other side.

What about all the trauma and therapy?

Well, using Positive EFT in therapy is a wonderful thing.

It is used in Energy EFT to start sessions, to de-stress clients, at any time when the client needs a boost, and of course, the last half of the session when we are after the healing event is all Positive EFT as well.

But it is a fact that all the therapy people don't know how to work with postiives, simply because they've never really done it.

It's not taught in universities, it's not taught in counselling courses, and people have little experience of working with the positives correctly.

Think about how many books there are on trauma clearance, and how many books there are out there on how to make a person feel better than good?

We're not done when a person is at zero, at rest.

That's barely the beginning.

Modern energy work allows us to do so much more for people, and most of all, create those high energy healing events which are what change lives.

Nothing else can.

So this is important to me and I look forward to the two Positive EFT days in particular. Trust me, tapping all day on positives is going to get you feeling things you've NEVER felt before. And learning things about yourself, other people and the world which will blow your mind.

I'm doing a Positive EFT training in Dallas and Washington DC, one day only, so if you're ready to get a taste of the high life, come and join us there.

In Dallas, I am also going to do a special Positives With EMO day. Patricia Dancing Elk, my dear sister in spirit, is in Dallas and she has been sharing the delight that is EMO for some years now. This is something for people who can really feel energy and love it; I am very excited about that because ... well, it's EMO :-)

We're going to be touring by car from Dallas to Washington DC for three weeks, meeting local people along the way and the tour ends with a full sweep of Positive EFT as the introduction, the Energy EFT Master Practitioner (three days) and the new AMT Trainer's Training, for those who want to teach this new stuff in the US of A.

It's going to be amazing :-) and I can't wait to get on the plane on August 21st. I'll be celebrating my 54th birthday in Dallas on the 23rd, and Positive EFT is on the 24th, so ... sounds good to me :-)

For our European friends, I'll be doing a Positive EFT in November at the AMT conference so you can pick it up there, and if you're an AMT Trainer, add it to your arsenal so you can teach it too.


Now back to work on the Positive EFT book, which is going to be our official first introduction to modern energy work from now on.

Working with positive energies is just a joy, and bringing joy and happiness to other people (who may have had too much misery and trauma in their lives by far!) is a wonderful and very precious thing to be doing.

The world needs more positive energy, that's for sure.

Indeed, one might say that positive energy is the absolute ANTIDOTE to energy stress and emotional suffering.

Love rules the universe. Not trauma.

And on that happy note - have a fantastic summer too!

Silvia :-)

PS: I have an EMO/Project Sanctuary based Positives generator on www.SilviaHartmann.com/star/

You can use it to find a Positive to tap EFT on, too.

PPS: Someone mailed me and asked if they could do two, instead of just one, positive, if that would be OK! Yes! Do as many as you want! Energy is free. JOY, BEAUTY, YOUTH, VITALITY, ENERGY, STRENGTH, DOMINION - all there for you and so much more. Tap a round and just find out how it makes you feel when you do! Positives rock!

Silvia Hartmann

Posted Jul 26, 2013   
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