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SFI February 2011: Of Energy, Information & Love

SFI February 2011: Of Energy, Information & Love

Hello everyone!

You might have wondered where I got to or what I am up to; it's been a while.

Hello everyone!

You might have wondered where I got to or what I am up to; it's been a while.

Well, I've been writing the new book on EMO to replace our dear old "Oceans of Energy" from the conference in April onwards!

It's finished and I've just handed over the manuscript; and I actually used EMO itself to help me write this book. That was a good idea and really helped, you can read all about it here:


I've acquired an expired domain that took my fancy, www.Heal-Child-Abuse.com

Child abuse needs healing, and I found I have quite a bit to say on the topic. After all, I'm a CAS myself and all my methods and techniques were tested in that arena first, from EMO to Project Sanctuary and from Events Psychology to Art Solutions and then some.

If you specialise in treating child abuse survivors with anything modern, including EFT as well, and you would like to contribute an article for this site, please do so. Make it relevant to people who are looking for child abuse pain help and don't pre-suppose that they would know what PS, TGS, EFT or ET or even Energy Psychology might be when it is at home. There are still a lot of people out there to whom the old fashioned counseling with lots of tears and pain and no discernible direct effects on mind, body and spirit is all they know or have to come to expect; so there's a lot of eductation remaining to be done and I invite you to become a part of that.

I've put up a few articles already, it's a start:


On the topic of TGS, I have a wonderful student on The Genius Symbols Distance Learning Course, Dimitra Paraschou from Greece.

She used TGS and the PS Classic Game to create a story to tell to terminally ill children in hospital where she volunteers to inspire them and give them strength.

You can read the story at the address below and also find out how the children responded to Dimitra's story and what questions they asked after they heard it.

This is awesome, and the story itself - The Pirate's Treasure - is packed full of energy and creativity to enjoy.


A notice to all who have completed the Project Sanctuary Master's course with me or are currently studying it, in response to a request from a student I created a document "Events Psychology & Project Sanctuary." Write to me directly and I will send you a copy. Some interesting cases in there!

In the VIP Club, we are currently running a Project Sanctuary research project about pure energy healing. It seems that some people find it quite challenging but I'm enjoying it immensely. We're about half way through at the moment so if you are of an exploration and innovation mind, consider joining the VIP club. Apart from the growing library, there is usually something interesting going on and this is stuff you won't find anywhere else in the world.

You get discounts in line with your DragonRising membership so if you're a gold or silver or platinum DR customer, it might cost a lot less than the standard fee of $24 dollars a month.

Oh and you get to sit in the front row at conferences, in the VIP seats!


Aaand ... talking of conferences - The 9th EMO Annual Conference is early in April this year, thanks to the Royal Wedding! We have a new schedule so we have room for more presenters and a fabulous program of the latest techniques, exercises and mini-workshops lined up.

EMO is awesome, it really is :-) and the EMO conference is special because we want to walk our talk and have a good time.

For the more advanced people, I have a day workshop lined up to happen at the same time as the fast track practitioner for the newbies which is ... ahm can you say "kick arse" when you talk about energy healing?!

LOL I guess I can and I just did. That's going to be something special as I'm expanding my ideas of what energy healing is, how it feels, and you how you do it to quite literally blow your own socks off!

This is the 21st Century and I really want to put the "Ommph" and the "Va Va Vroom" back into energy healing - and by default, back into the energy healer's systems!

Sign up if that's not your cup of herbal tea, but mystical high energy drink instead, and make sure you come to the conference, it's spectacular and I can't wait.

Oh! I'm presenting on the 6th sense there as well - a revolution in EMO and energy work in general. Enough said!

Here's the link to sign up:


That's all from me for today folks!

Now I'm getting back with the new Project Sanctuary manual, suitably inspired and energized and with my marps in great condition :-)

Stay in touch, don't let daily crap get you down, you're a multi-dimensional being in the Oceans of Energy and you can change the way you feel and think, you just need to remind yourself to do it regularly and demand nothing less than the best you can be!

And if the worst ever comes to the worst, find something to love - that really works, it lifts you in an instance and it's the best energy of them all.

On that happy note,

Be wise, be well, be wonderful,


Silvia Hartmann

Posted Feb 27, 2011   
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