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Healing and Weight Loss Retreat Hurghada Healing and Weight Loss Retreat Hurghada We have found a beautiful Villa in Hurghada close to the sea to host our healing detox and weight loss retreats for 2016. Please take a look at the photos and programme details and feel free to get in touch with us for availability enquiries. As before, ...
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SFI - February 2003

Talking About Luck ... - Advanced Adventures Amidst The Oceans Of Energy :-) - For Practitioners, Trainers & Workshop Leaders - Brand NEW & Useful: Raising Your Metabolism With EFT - Information, Stimulation, Controversy ... - Are You A Soldier Or A Criminal? - Rosecrucian Healing With Israel Regardie - Some Cool Quotes.

SFI - https://starfields.org StarFields Intelligence - February 2003

In This Issue:




Talking About Luck ...


Advanced Adventures Amidst The Oceans Of Energy :-)


For Practitioners, Trainers & Workshop Leaders


Brand NEW & Useful: Raising Your Metabolism With EFT


Information, Stimulation, Controversy ...


Are You A Soldier Or A Criminal?


Rosecrucian Healing With Israel Regardie


Some Cool Quotes :-)

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The Sidereus Foundation


Ananga.Net - Ayurvedic Energy Psychology


The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies


EMO News & Library Portal
Talking About Luck ...
... ah that indefinable quality that makes one's life complete ... or is it?

There are two very powerful and important aspects of "luck" discussed and revealed in two new articles on the topic. One is a client session on http://emotrance.com  which I think is most revealing, the other a rather inspirational true story which has sex in it on http://sidereus.org/main/ 

What's Luck Got To Do With It?!

Advanced Adventures Amidst The Oceans Of Energy :-)
I have been working hard to sort out the materials I have been developing into a useful order and sequence.

Firstly, we are now at Adventures In EFT Version 6.2 - I was a little too hasty calling 4.2 "the ultimate adventures". Ultimate is a word that should be used with a great deal more care, it seems. Ah, I am still learning. If you are wondering about this, read "The Adventures Evolution" on http://sidereus.org/main/ for an explanation of sorts.

Then, we have "The Advanced Patterns of EFT". A word of warning - these are very advanced patterns and include the infamous Guiding Stars protocol which is absolute dynamite. Full knowledge of the base patterns from Adventures is presupposed and necessary. And I would make the point that you really need to have had proper EFT training and experience in order to use The Advanced Patterns; this is not a self help book but a specialist publication for acting energy therapists and researchers.

Next, Oceans Of Energy - Patterns & Techniques of EMOTM, Vol.1.

I received the following question the other day:

--Dear Silvia,
can I learn EMO from the manual or do I still have to go to a training/contact a practitioner? --

Dear Ray,
I have done my best to bring EMO to life in this manual. It contains exercises, examples, and all sorts of things to allow someone to start using it for real. If you can find a friend or a practise group to start playing with the patterns and techniques, so much the better, but I have included special self help exercises if you cannot. --

Details of Adventures, Advanced Patterns of EFT and Oceans of Energy in both ebook format and as hardcopy through the mail are on https://starfields.org as usual.

Ebook customers have the advantage of getting new editions upgraded entirely FREE of charge. At present you can upgrade Project Sanctuary 1 to 3 and Adventures (all versions) to 6.

The edition version is on the very first page of your manual and there are upgrade forms for both ebooks on https://starfields.org

Check out what's new, what's in it for you ...

For Practitioners, Trainers & Workshop Leaders
Please note we also have an excellent reseller programme for both ebooks and hardcopy. The ebook affiliate programme is a two click sign up at https://starfields.org

To receive the hardcopy retail catalogue for your seminars, trainings and clients please email retail@dragonrising.com with your postal address.

Get a retail catalogue and find out what you can earn!

Brand NEW & Useful: Raising Your Metabolism With EFT
How you can be faster, stronger, and a whole lot healthier with a very simple EFT protocol that can do some amazing things for you!

Find out what raising your metabolism can do for you!

Information, Stimulation, Controversy ...
Are you a member of a newsgroup? You can get interesting information, stimulation, new stuff, controversy and even make new friends on a newsgroup.

I moderate the following:

Meridiantherapy - Discussing the METs since 1998 - any topic, any technique can be talked about here.

EMO2 - The ET all-comers list. Particularly interesting because ET is still very much under development.

ETcompanions - Energy therapies for animals. I have a long history with animals and they too have energy bodies and energy systems. I always say that in working with animals, you can learn lessons that simply cannot be had anywhere else.

Project Sanctuary - And now for something completely different. This is a group for Project Sanctuary afficionandos only, and it can get quite strange on occasions, as well it should. Don't join this if you haven't read the manual.

Join A NewsGroup - All At A Glance:

Are You A Soldier Or A Criminal?
I saw a movie the other day which I thoroughly enjoyed on all sorts of levels. Called The Last Castle, with Robert Redford playing a general who has been sentenced to ten years in an army prison.

There are all sorts of really cool personal development lessons in that movie. The first one that I noted was the idea of "wherever you go, there you are". The guy Redford played was who he was, and it didn't really matter if that was happening in a war situation, in a prison, or at home on the range.

But my favourite moment, which made me laugh out loud, clap and actually get up from the sofa (a very rare occurrence) was when the general was talking to some guy. They are not allowed to salute each other in there and as prisoners you have no rank, but they all kinda want to salute the general reflexively. As this would call severe punishment on their heads, they make this weird gesture of starting the salute but then running their hands through their hair instead.

Anyway, this corporal guy is a mess, and the general says to him, "Why don't you behave like the soldier you are?"

The guy says, "I'm not a soldier, I'm a criminal."

General: "So what did you do?"

Guy: "I beat my commanding officer to a pulp."

General: "How long did that take?"

Guy: "Five minutes."

General: "Ok, so you were a soldier for two years and a criminal for five minutes. In my books, that makes you at least 98% soldier and only 2% criminal. So start acting accordingly."

The guy had an epiphany and I thought what a beautiful pattern that is. Generatively installed it should actually re-set a person's entire self concept over a period of time as this measurement is applied and either replaces, or at least softens, the yes/no, black/white decisions everyone makes between being a soldier or a criminal, a bastard or a nice guy, a loser or a winner.

Indeed, if you wanted to you could take that one pattern and make it into a computable, accountable and calculable assessment form for use in psychology LOL.

That's all for now, folks.
Hope you are having fun, whereever you are on this planet. I will say farewell and leave you with a few of my favourite quotes of all time.

All the best,


Drop by and check out what's new and interesting!

Rosecrucian Healing With Israel Regardie
A new download at Sidereus, here is a very interesting article by Israel Regardie, best known for having been Alister Crowley's secretary, complete with "tree of life" diagrams and exercises.

Check Out The Art Of Healing by Israel Regardie

Some Cool Quotes :-)
That's all for this edition of StarFields Intelligence.

Hope you enjoyed this newsletter; feel free to re-post any of my articles to your groups or on your site in return for a link back.

I will say farewell and leave you with a few of my favourite quotes of all time.

All the best,


Cool Quotes:

"Success in life is the result of good judgment. Good judgment is usually the result of experience. Experience is usually the result of bad judgement." - Anthony Robbins

"Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies." - Nick Knight

"It's either an incisive representation of the futility of man, or it's a log and a couple or rocks." - Guybrush Threepwood, Monkey Island

Silvia Hartmann

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Posted Feb 18, 2003   
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Al Sayadeen Village Nuweiba Al Sayadeen Village Nuweiba Al Sayadeen Village is small hotel situated in the beautiful Mezina Bay, close to the port and 15 km from the main town of Nuweiba, Sinai Egypt. Its style of simple rustic bungalow accomodation is deceptive on the outside, as within, all rooms and facilities ...
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