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SFI August 2010

SFI August 2010

On being 51, research, confidence, 23 birthday gifts, language forms, symphonies, magic books and blessings ... :-)

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your marvellous birthday wishes.

All those wonderful blessings from all around the world, surely that must do something :-)

May good things return to you threefold and more!

Being 51 is a weird thing.

For some reason, it's more tricky than 50.

Probably because you're supposed to freak out on your 50th birthday, which I didn't, the magnitude of having been around for half a century probably didn't register sufficiently, but now ...

Still, the fact remains that Silvia is Silvia and there's not a whole lot any of us can do about that, so we might as well make the best of it while it lasts, why not?

Have a good time in any which way that is possible, or even probable; own time and space and enjoy it to the max.

Sounds good to me ... :-)

So, August.

Other people go on holiday.

I do stuff which is as good as, and often better still.

Here's what I did in August.

I ...

Finalised the "magic edition" of The Rich and Healthy Witch
(and if you got one of those, you are a lucky person, that is one amazing object to have around the place, to be sure!).

Wrote a few dozen articles as usual on various things; I recommend the "23 Birthday Gifts" article on http://genius23.com/23_gifts_genius_symbols_plus_the_gift.htm which was a truly wonderful experience; and also the "Secred Therapy" EMO article which has a very good case example in it. I might annotate that at some point to hightlight certain key moments for students of EMO and others who are interested in working with energy and language in this way.

Had a revelation regarding books as magical objects and did two VIP teleclasses on this. I also edited a free public release version which is very neat, some nice exercises in there, fascinating stuff for readers who are also energy workers. This is to be found at www.dragonrising.com and if you haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, do so, it'll make buying, storing and working with books into a whole new experience!

I wrote a lovely composition called LightWorks which is currently in the production phase; I really enjoyed that, "healing music" for energy work and meditation. There was a time when I didn't know that I could compose instrumental music for cellos and string ensembles; I was very surprised when I found out that I could, and ever since, it's been a great source of pleasure, energy and learning for me. Goes to show though that if you work with energy, just about anything becomes possible ... far out ... :-) There are two versions of LightWorks, one for personal healing/meditation use and the other a professional set with four high quality stereo CDs of different lengths. Make sure you open your DragonRising newsletters to find out when they are available, and what launch offers come with this.

I didn't do any paintings or sculptures this month, but I did do two things on the art front which I really, really enjoyed, namely the Pertineri "Silver City" logo and the sacred geometry/magic design for RHW. Oh, and I made a "Stonehenge" Genius Symbol set but it's not quite finished, it's still drying.

I also wrote three magic guided meditations, Silver City, Magic In Your Blood, and OBE (Out of Body Experience) and a rather interesting hypno-learning induction "Confidence". This is one of those things that has evolved from my continuing research into language and learning; I have always said that there is a lot more you can do with guided meditations than we have been doing with them so far. "confidence" is part speech, part lecture, part hypnosis, part energy work, all of that and neither at the same time, just a different way of using language and state to do a job - to help someone evolve towards more confidence, having a strong center in yourself, a realistic appraisal of your strength and knowing how to procede from where you are - confidently.

It came to pass that I bought a website called 1-confidence.com for future use; and as it had nothing on it, I asked my energy mind to put a dedication forth, which it did.

This, too, is like a motivational speech but not quite; like an educational article but not quite; like a hypnotic induction but not quite - just an interesting language form that reads very well, and I'm guessing would sound even better when delivered by a living voice.

Try it out. Goto www.1-confidence.com and read the (speech/whatever it is) out aloud with meaning and power, evoke it in fact, as you would a magic spell. Note how it feels.

As I say, an interesting experience and an example of there being much more out there in the form of language possibilities and potentials than we've thus explored :-)

Finally I started thinking about my Events Psychology conference presentation.

The book, Events Psychology, is designed to be used by people "who don't believe in energy" so they too can partake of the truly significant and world changing insights we have had over the last 13 years working with EFT and EMO (and of course and always, Project Sanctuary! even if the golden dragon is only flying high above and out of sight, it's always there :-).

I am going to take the opportunity of explaining the extraordinary happenings that events create in the energy system, focusing on "the event absolute" - that magic lightning strike that changes a person in heartbeat, that can cause disease in an instance, that has the power to change someone's personality, all their values, beliefs and attitudes in a single flash.

That is surely the most exciting form of human changework there is; and to take the energy view on it is a completely different take on how people change, get hurt, get healed, learn and evolve. Very powerful stuff and I'm looking forward to talking about this with the "skeptic gloves" off altogether.

That's one of these wonderful things about energy conferences. You don't have to look over your shoulder or explain yourself, or what you mean by "energy" - all that boring, tedious, baby stuff can stay outside because here, we are not only talking to those who already know that energy is real, here we can finally get to work and MOVE THE FIELD FORWARD instead of those seemingly everlasting remedial battles of education we go through on a daily basis with the general population.

I had some spurious experiences on the topic this last month.

One was a young gentlemen who really didn't have a clue about energy minds, energy systems, and was still firmly believing that the "subconscious mind is insane - and it's out to get me!"

I had a feeling as though I was being hurtled through a time tunnel into a medieval society on the spot!

And what's even more disturbing was that this was a psychology student, three years into it.

Ouch ...

The other meeting was with a person who had spent the last 25 years or so doing new age stuff. As I was talking to him, it became apparent to me what the actual main difference is between what we are doing, and what almost everyone else seems to be doing.

The difference is RESEARCH.

Around here, we do research. We ask questions, set up theories, test theories, try out new things, make new things, and do a lot of experiments across the board, and all the time.

We challenge *everything* - even ourselves, especially ourselves, because everyone has their filters and if you want the truth, it has to be inclusive, not exclusive.

We don't just read books, we write them.

And in the research for this, we learn something.

That's the precious stuff, the new stuff.

The fun stuff, too. That's where the real excitement lies.

And I guess that ongoing learning and poking things with a stick keeps me kinda youthful in my outlook, and humble, cause I know what I don't know - yet!

And so, thinking back on it, ok, so I'm 51. No spring chicken, as they say :-) But I honestly have never had so much fun in all my life, so much excitement, nor so many different beautiful horizons, beckoning to be explored, explored further - who knows what we will find?

Who knows what I will find?

The fun is in the not knowing - yet.

And on that happy note, I wish you wonderful things, and including deliveries of your own "Daily Diamonds".

Sparkling blessings, always fresh, always new, and always delightful,

Silvia x

Silvia Hartmann

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