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SFI 7 03 - EFT Changes, Heart Healing & More

In This Fun Packed Issue: Hello From Silvia :-) | Welcome To The New EFTers!! | NEW! - FORUMS For The StarFields Network | Heart Healing ... We're Live On Air!! | Heart Healing EFT+ Add-On | NEW! - EFT Articles Collection Site | NEW!! - StarFields Discussion Group | NEW! - The MindMillion Energy Intensive - WEALTH | Are YOU Going To Brighton ....? | News From Around The StarFields Network | In The Next Issue ...

StarFields Intelligence

The E-Zine Of The StarFields Network

July 2003

In this edition:

  • Hello From Silvia :-)
  • Welcome To The New EFTers!!
  • NEW! - FORUMS For The StarFields Network
  • Heart Healing ... We're Live On Air!!
  • Heart Healing EFT+ Add-On
  • NEW! - EFT Articles Collection Site
  • NEW!! - StarFields Discussion Group
  • NEW! - The MindMillion Energy Intensive - WEALTH
  • Are YOU Going To Brighton ....?
  • News From Around The StarFields Network


Hello everyone!

I'm sorry this is such a content-packed newsletter, but I have been incredibly busy with a wide range of really exciting new projects - it's been a whirlwind of activity of late!

That's what you get when you start taking out some of the burdens and stoppers in your life so I am not complaining, this is the most excitement and enjoyment I've had - well forever, you could say :-))

I've tried to keep it as short as possible and so here are the essential news for this edition in brief. We have a free mp3 download, a funny bunny, and lots of news - including the fact that after 5 long years, I have finally decided to make two changes in the way I use the Classic EFT protocol.

Hope you enjoy and see you in the new Forums!

Silvia :-)


*** Welcome To The New EFTers!! ***

A special welcome to the many new friends who are receiving this ezine because they have recently purchased a copy of Adventures In EFT!

I'm especially pleased to welcome you to our truly wonderful world of entirely new approaches and ideas on problem solving and how to have much, much more FUN in our lives.

We have just started the brand new ...


*** FORUMS For The StarFields Network ***

.... on http://starfields.net/forums/ - and there's an EFT forum for you to ask questions or share your experiences with the technique, so be very welcome to pop over and get some support from the more experienced players.

There are lots of different forums, all in the same place - for EFT, MET, EMO, for Project Sanctuary, for Energy Healing, For NLP & Hypnosis and even one for "Weird & Spooky Things" - come over and join in!


*** Heart Healing ... We're Live On Air!! ***

The simple but absolutely wonderful Heart Healing technique which started out as a response to a young lady who was in terrible pain from a "broken heart", became the dedication track for the new Heart Healing album and after five years, made me change the Classic EFT protocol for the very first time is now also leading to - radio air play!

Ananga is going to be on BBC Southern Counties Radio on Monday, July 7th, from 10am 0GMT London, and SC Radio is giving away some copies of the fabulous "Heart Healing" CD for their competition that day!

And, if it could get better still, "Celebration" is going to be played for all the good people in the M25 area and beyond to enjoy live in its special "radio mix" version.

She will also conduct a phone in to help people with heartache and depression, so make sure to find your way to an Internet radio station and tune in to BBC Southern Counties Radio, 104-104.8 FM & 95 - 95.3 FM from 10 am this coming Monday!

In the meantime, to find out what all the buzz is about, go to http://emotrance.com and download the truly exquisite SECOND version of Heart Healing - sound and music in MP3 format, guiding you through the Heart Healing experience in just five minutes.

It is simple, it is profoundly healing and I *love* it!


*** Heart Healing EFT Add-On ***

After five years of sticking rigorously with the Classic EFT protocol, I have finally decided to make two changes.

The first is the inclusion of the Third Eye Point as the "starting point" of the EFT sequence as it has proven so very helpful in practice. I personally have used this for at least a couple of years now and would not want to do without it any more.

Tthe second change is the inclusion of the "Heart Healing Gesture" to finish the sequence.

Simply put, when you have finished tapping the last point, you place both hands on the center of your chest (the place you would point to if you were pointing to yourself), close your eyes and take three deep breaths.

This helps most profoundly to give the energy system a chance to stabilise after the changes EFT has produced, centers you back into your body and leaves you feeling much more calm and ready to procede, either to a new statement or to end the session.

This especially useful for self help treatments, where there is no healer or therapist to help bring you back and center you to finish the session.

For more technical details on this, please see the "EFT Plus" Article on the new site, http://1-EFT.com/main/


*** EFT Articles Collection Site - http://1-EFT.com ***

I have written so many articles about EFT in the last five years, it is actually astonishing.

They were spread all over the Internet and now, I have started to collect them all on http://1-EFT.com so at least I can find them all again should I need them! There is a wide range of articles with EFT tips and tricks, add ons and all sorts from basic introductions to very advanced patterns for professional therapists.

If you would like to re-publish any of these for your own site or ezine, or use them to support your own advertising, you are very welcome to do so. All you have to do is to keep the copyright notice intact and a link back to http://StarFields.org

I highly recommend you pop over and view the "EFT Stress Bunny" - a fun thing we made here one day and one that really lightens the mood!


***  Retail Note ***

For those of you with websites, we have an electronic affiliate programme which you can use just by having a special link. If you are interested, just mail us and we'll walk you through it.

We also have now ...



My main manuals are now available as hard copy in full size softback format for those who like to read off screen. Ready to order now are Adventures, Advanced EFT and Oceans with Project Sanctuary in production. Also, you can look forward to a hard copy version of In Serein - no more eye strain trying to read this wonderful story online :-) !

Check out http://DragonRising.com for availability of Hard Copy.


*** Attention Professional Healers & Workshop Leaders! ***

*** Books For Your People - Workshop leaders and professional therapists, you can get up to 40% retail discounts on book orders for your trainees and clients. Phone Alex to discuss your requirements on +44 (0)1323 729 666 Mon-Fri 10-5, 0GMT, London.


*** The MindMillion Energy Intensive - WEALTH ***

I'm delighted to announce this really fabulous new trainings/therapies product. It is based on EFT+ and EMO but also involves the conscious mind; it is structured and laid out with ready-to-print out work sheets, ready to use with individual therapy clients and in workshops. Purchase price includes full licensing for professional use. For details, please see https://starfields.org/mindmillion_intensive.htm

There are SO many things going on at the moment, it is truly hard to know what to leave out!

One of my own favourite developments is:


*** The NEW StarFields Discussion Group ***

Unlike most groups which are very limited to a handful of techniques or subject areas, this is my dream come true - a completely cross-contextual group for HUMAN BEINGS to talk about all sorts of things and help each other move towards HUMAN ACTUALISATION.

Of course, we talk a lot about EMO, EFT and energy work to finally set ourselves free from our own histories and move forward into proactive, joyful lives but whatever the technique, whatever the insights, it is all welcome and including talking about our personal challenges, our work, and our play.

If this sounds like your idea of a great group too, pop along to http://yahoogroups.com/group/starfields and check out some of the posts; if you like what you read, join us!

And lastly ...


*** Are YOU Going To Brighton ....? ***

This years' European Energy Therapies conference is less than a month away! This is truly THE place to get A HUGE AMOUNT of the very latest information, personal experience, contacts, and insights into what is going on with this extraordinary new field.

Thirty international speakers and presenters, a fantastic buffet of lectures, trainings and presentations, and all set in the vibrant "London by the Sea" Brighton. The hotel is directly on the sea front so you can take a swim in between getting totally recharged and rejuvanated!

I will be conducting the only GoE Trainers Training and EMO Trainers Training there so if you are going - say hello!

Here's to a truly outstanding SUMMER of excitement and ENERGY,

Silvia :-))

Silvia Hartmann,


More NEWS From Around The StarFields Network:


In the next issue:

  • Heart Healing Launch Party - And A Special Offer!

  • FREE E-Book: 13 Magical Quantum Energy Healing Patterns For YOU

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Posted Jul 4, 2003   
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