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Energy In Motion London Poetry Energy In Motion London Poetry When we are in flow words pour forth effortlessly to desribe, to inspire, to express our essence. Here are the poetry gifts and blessings that sprung forth at the last Energy In Motion 3 day workshop in London, a transformational healing retreat.
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SFI May 2009

SFI May 2009

Emotrance Conference Report | FREE Download: The EMO Round Table with Sandra Hillawi, Dr Hartmann, Detlev Tesch, Ed Grimshaw, Karen Bradley | Events Psychology, Parts Model, Pertineri Group | Money, The Eucharist & NLP | Life Will find A Way | Burn Your Stress | Shamanic Drawing Ablution | EMO = Anti-Psychology?

SFI May 2009 - Life Will Find A Way!

Hello everyone!

So the annual EMO conference has been a fascinating event, as you would expect if you put *these* people in a room together and give them balloons, crystals, food, information, music, feelings, ideas and energies to play with for a weekend :-)

***** EMO 2009 *****

The weather was really glorious, our dear Europa hotel had had a 2 Million Pound Sterling makeover, and I think I can safely say that an excellent time was had by all.

My conference report is here:


I also have a really special treat for you, a FREE DOWNLOAD of the Round Table at the end of the conference, with some very cool exercises, live and uncut:

***** The EMO 2009 Round Table ******

Silvia Hartmann Introduces The Round Table
Sandra Hillawi Guides a Love Connection Exercise
Peace, Palestinians and Zionism Example
Detlev Tesch Guides a Public Speaking Conflict Exercise
Karen Bradley Shares an Eating Compulsion Client Example
The Round Table Discusses "Sweetness in Life"
Ed Grimshaw Shares the SETS Model
Sandra Hillawi Explains EMO Relationship Counselling
Conference Participants Share Their Impressions

Great stuff and something for everybody, I do feel :-)

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this such a special event and if you were at the Sunday night meeting you will know what I mean by that.

New times for everyone, and THAT is exciting :-)

***** Events Psychology ******

Part 3 of the unfolding Events Psychology is going to be discussed tonight in my private member's club bi-monthly teleconference.

If you are a member, Parts 1 and 2 are available as a download or to listen to online.

Tonight I will be discussing why I have decided to do away with the "parts model of human consciousness" and what the advantages of the new model which will replace it are. I can tell you, there are MANY!

We will also be discussing with the participants how their personal experiences with the concepts of Events Psychology have been so far, so that's something I look forward to particularly.

Sign up to become a Premium Member and you could be a part of what is going to be ... well let's say something very special indeed.

Goto https://starfields.org/pertineri.htm to sign up.

***** Money & The Eucharist *******

I did an interesting short NLP intervention with a person who was having money troubles immediately following the ET conference, when the idea and topic of people seeking "the Eucharist" was still strong in my mind.

If you have trouble with money - SERIOUS trouble with money! - and it's been a lifelong struggle, take a look at this, it might be of interest to you.

This pattern can easily be turned into an EFT session instead, just use the person's own words for opening statements.

Also, the Eucharist pattern is important for all manner of addictions, even to certain people, so that's well taking a look at:


***** Life Will Find A Way *******

And now, for something completely different ... :-)

I took a little time out from all that thinking and played a little with ideas, colours, shapes and natural occurrences to chill out.

The results is a mini-exhibition called "Brickworld" - Life Will Find A way.

Take a few moments out of your busy, busy incarnation and reflect on the metaphors and messages there if you want to, or just enjoy the colours and pictures just the way they are:


***** The Esoteric Section ******

In the esoteric section we have something that I really like and enjoy tremendously - a smoke free virtual online fire in which you can burn your sorrows, cares and all those things that bug you!

I find this very stress relieving and actually do this with real fires quite regularly; so if there's something you'd like to burn right now and get rid of it from your life, goto


Also, a VERY interesting and useful, PRIMAL self healing technique anyone can do - even if they're not sick at all.

Esoterically called The Shamanic Ablution Drawing Ritual, you'll find all the instructions you need to make the potion involved, get ready and do the entire ritual here:


***** The Course Corner ******

Someone who had been a part of the original 23 Project Sanctuary Master's project contacted me to ask if they could pick up where they'd left of and still complete the 23 course.

Honestly, I don't remember when that original deadline exactly was but I have decided to give people who got upskittled by their various realities the chance to complete the PS Masters course if they want to - but they must have finished by my birthday August 23rd, 2009.

After that, I won't accept any further submissions for the original 23 project and the window of opportunity to do something you not only will remember for the rest of your life, but that will you be majorly proud of, AND that you've already paid for (!!!) will have passed.

I'm continuing to have really brilliant experiences with my Genius Symbol students, so if you're on that course and haven't finished, GET ON WITH IT! It's fun, and if you get a flow going, you can be done in very little time.

You KNOW you'll be glad to have finished.

On that topic, professional psychic Alan Bridges from Spain has given permission for a part of his final assignment to be posted online.

I LOVED what he did there, and how it all worked out.

You can read it here:


Alan is now an officially qualified (with distinction!) Sidereus Symbol Reader so if you'd like to experience the Genius symbols in action, contact Alan here:


**** The Mail Bag *****

A Gentleman from Germany wrote to me and told me that he had made real progress with a longstanding social anxiety challenge, first with EFT, and then with EMO.

The reason I'm mentioning this in particular is because he worked hard at resolving this. He didn't give up, persevered, LEARNED NEW THINGS, tried things out for himself, and now he's reaping the rewards.

This is inspirational for all of us who are working on our various situations, problems and challenges.


If you feel you don't have, deep down, the will or motivation to really stick with it and work on it every day, like this gentleman did, and you're thinking now, "Well I guess it's my own fault ... I'm just not trying hard enough ..." let's NOT leave it at that for once, but instead, ask,

"Why? Why am I not doing as much as I could, should? What's stopping me from going at it and getting the goodies at the end?"

That's a global question, a global strategy; solve that one, and you solve ALL your other problems, it will only become a matter of time.

Try that question with any of the many change techniques you already know - or with all of them. I think you'll find it very educational at the least, and with a bit of luck, it might unblock something for you so you can do like the German gentleman did - and reap your well earned rewards at the end, and be proud of yourself for having achieved it.

One particular communication I want to share with you that had me in fits of laughter ever since I received it.

This came from an author who wanted to write about Emotrance in their new book, and this is what they said.

"I was going to include EMO in the Energy Psychology section, but ... it doesn't have ANY PSYCHOLOGY IN IT!

"Do you mind if I put it in the Energy Medicine section instead?"


I love it! It's so true, EMO is probably more of an "anti-psychology" than any form of psychology - at least not, Jim, as we know it!

And I don't mind at all that ET gets listed under Energy Medicine instead, in spirit it is closer at home there :-)

So there we have it, ladies, gentlemen, and all others as well :-)

The great journey continues, and if we remember to look, all is full of life, and of beauty. It really is. We can even use the moments when we can't see it to know that we've somehow lost the plot (again!) and with VOLITION, start to turn back towards the TRUE REALITY of nature, of life, and of being smart enough to recognise it, and appreciate it.

With all my best wishes to you and your unfolding May,


Silvia Hartmann

Links in brief:

ET09 Conference Report:

The FREE Round Table Recording:

Life will find a way:

Life will find a way inspirational video at youtube

Burn Your Stress!

Shamanic Self Healing:

The Child, The Tarot Reader & The Sceptic:

Alan Bridges Psychic:

Money/Eucharist Pattern:

Events Psychology @ The Members Club

Brickworld - Life Will find A Way


Posted May 11, 2009   
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