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Sex And The Dragon Lords

Yes, people like sex in stories. Now it's official. And we have the statistics to back it up ...

Sex & The Dragon Lords

As a person pointed out on FaceBook, the novel starts out with a naked man on a single woman's driveway.

It's a bit of a give away that there might just be SOMETHING happening between them, and that it might involve nudity. And sex. Yes! Sex!

But there was a minor incident of an accidental touching of a "dick" which caused complaints to come in and disgust being expressed; so I was confused. In order to alleviate the confusion, I put up a poll to ascertain the level of anti-sex sentiment in the readers.

From the get go, right from the start, there was a clear pattern.

The smallest minority wanted "no sex."

A few wanted "under cover sex" with oblique references or the doors closed.

A significant amount of people wanted full sexual disclosure, and quite a significant amount wanted full on erotica with steamy sex scenes (five times as many as wanted no sex!).

But the majority, an absolute majority of 50% in fact said, "Don't care, just write the story!"

Now THAT is awesome.

It *has to* include the potential for full erotica and gives permission for this to happen, should it happen.

This makes me happy and takes the shackles off , so to speak.

It was suggested to post an adult content/advisory warning over the top and I shall do that before I write any more.

In the meantime, here are the full results of the poll.

It makes very interesting reading.


Posted Sep 18, 2012 Read Article...
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