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Salutations To William Thomas Fernie

Salutations To William Thomas Fernie

Announcing the conclusion of the Herbal Simples project which began in June 2010 and concluded in March 2011 - a wonderful example of when you enjoy something you do, it's not work!


I've just added the last of the Herbal Simples articles, past "Yew" and called Epilogue: The Olitory - http://herbalsimples.com/?offset=180

The site tells me it started in June 2010, that's actually not as long as I'd thought it was.

193 articles to be extracted, re-formatted, re-styled, each one with an image, with meta descriptions, keywords and, if relevant, a hyperlink to the corresponding aromatherapy article - that was one hell of a project!

Actually I'm quite sad it's over now.

Herbal Simples was one of those things I found enormously soothing and rich of energy nutrition, much like Aromatherapy4Soul. I really enjoyed reading all the articles - gives you a different level of engagement when you make an article out of an old ebook; I think I can safely say I really, really read that book.

lol ...

Well there are some good morals to this story.

One is not to be afraid to start a project such as this. I have done many things that seem veritably insane to even get started with; and I estimated at the beginning I would take perhaps a year or two to complete Herbal Simples The Website.

In the end, it's 9 months, not bad.

The important thing to note is that I only ever "worked" on Herbal Simples when I really felt like it. When it was the perfect herbal computer remedy for me!

Even though the amount of "work" on this site for no conceivable commercial gain and not even dealing with my own stuff seems huge, I didn't feel that at all. I enjoyed it and it definitely gave me something.

This was much the same for MSAP too which is this vast library of magic stuff; yet MSAP has never been work, it just happens when it wants to happen and when that does, I enjoy it and wouldn't class it as "work" at all.

So I would encourage you to start projects like this. They don't have to be done all at once; indeed, that's mostly too much to ask, especially when you are dealing with something where the components go into a hundred thousand separate actions or more.

Don't be afraid of "big" projects, whatever they are. Like translating the Old Testament into Klingon, if that's what turns you on. Just start with the first paragraph and then do some more when the mood strikes you. Eventually, the project will be finished.

It's soothing to have something on the go that is there to do something with when you don't want to do your normal stuff; taking a break from continuously pounding away at the same old rocks is heaven sent!

And of course, it accumulates.

Which is much better than constantly freaking out over projects because they're too difficult, too hard and then not doing sod all, and having sod all to show for the time you spent freaking out!

I'm going to personally thank William Thomas Fernie, Author of Herbal Simples, 1895, for giving me this opportunity to de-stress, relax, draw in some very nice plant energies and forget my troubles for a while!


SFX Smile


http://herbalsimples.com - Plants That Heal

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