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Rock Collection

Rock Collection

After a long wait, it has arrived - a rock collection of over 200 different rocks, crystals, minerals and some things I haven't even heard of!

That's going to be a whole lot of photographing rock :-)

Update: The mineral photo gallery is live now on WonderWorlds Mineral Gallery


Rock On!

Yes, it all started with WonderWorlds - pretty crystal images that enchanted me.

So I bought some more rock and crystal to photograph.

But that's expensive and hit and miss; with the WonderWorlds photographs, you just don't know which individual rock or crystal or mineral will "yield" these fantastic shots close up, you can NOT tell in advance.

Something that looks great if you look at it normally often doesn't give you a single decent close up, and then you have inversely, a teensy shard that's broken off something or this really dull-looking piece of rock, and you get this kind of thing:

Rock crystal from the WonderWorlds collection

Plus my house is really filling up with way too large specimens!

So - a rock collection to the rescue.

Drumroll please:

a rock collection of over 240 different rocks, crystals, minerals

Rock Collection - 200 different rocks, crystals, minerals awaiting its fun & games with StarFields :-)

As I'm looking at these, I'm beginning to think I might like to do for the rocks, minerals and crystals the same thing I did for the Aromatherapy Essential Oils - tune in, channel the properties of each one, explain it in a Project Sanctuary story.

It's certainly tempting.

But what a project!

Well if I take it easy and do one a day or so I should have it done in a year.

And the upside is that I should know a thing or two about rocks and minerals by then :-)

I see how it goes. These days, if I find I involved myself in something that turned out to be not as much fun as I thought it was going to be, I reserve the option to CHANGE MY MIND and simply - STOP.

With age comes wisdom ...


Just look at them!

rock collection close up of some rocks, crystals and minerals


Don't you just want to dive in and start playing ...?

Sorry, gotta go now ...

Posted Mar 3, 2009   
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