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Heart Health Screening Heart Health Screening In conjuction with The Cardio Clinic on our healing retreats from 2015 we will be offering guests the option of a Heart Health Screening. This offers an opportunity for early detection of potential cardiovascular health problems by way of screening clients/patients ...
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Poems The StarFields Way

Poems The StarFields Way

I'd like to officially welcome http://1-poem.com - to my network of websites - poems and poetry the StarFields way.

As you know, a lot of what I do has to with getting the energy back in sync with the conscious mind, getting the two operating systems of the human hardware to co-operate and in so doing, allow us to process information in a different way, learn new things and also invent new things along the way.

Poetry and writing poems is one of the ways in which this magical re-unification can be established, and practiced. It helps, of course, if ...

... you are a Project Sanctuary player and you can stream visions at will; then all you have to do is to give your poem an art solutions set up, and away we go!

Poetry is very handy for many circumstances and situation.

Hypnosis, meditation, guided journeys and all that would be so tedious without it, so artless, one might say.

A good speech without rhythm and rhyme, and metaphors that come to life for the listeners is not a good speech at all.

Of course, if you want to write spells and rituals, without poetry they fall rather flat and the powers that be won't listen.

And then there are those personal moments, when you want to write to someone and tell them that you love them; when you want to sum up a person's life by their graveside; when you want to change a timeline with a few well chosen words ...

Poems and poetry are amongst those things hidden in plain sight.

They are powerful and essential for those who wish to gain control of their worlds; and by making them seem boring, gay, silly, stupid, and useless, those who seek tools to better themselves will pass them by - again.

Writing poems in whatever form is a kind of cure for overthinking, of trying to solve everything and do everything with the conscious mind alone, which of course, is entirely doomed to failure.

For Genius Symbols and Project Sanctuary players, poems can become a communications device second to none and offer a chance to dialogue with oneself in a whole new way - and to be astonished what one might find one has the power to put into words - of a different kind.

Welcome to http://1-poem.com - where you will find healing poems, hypnotic poems, and poetry exercises and a whole lot more as time goes by!

February 2010

Posted Feb 26, 2010   
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Sandra Hillawi - waiting for your call :-))

It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile 

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.

Telephone Number UK +44 (0) 2392 433928

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