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The Pertineri Club

The idea for a member only site was first proposed in 2003.

In 2006, we got as far as building the basic structure. But it took until March 2009 to actually make it into a reality - the Premium Private Members Club, codename Pertineri.

Now, we're up and running ... and the fun and games can begin.

Happy times!

From Silvia Hartmann

March 11th, 2009

Dear all,

I am very happy to be able to announce that we have finally found the time and created the Private Member's club which had been promised some time ago.

I am VERY excited about this as it is a brand new venture for a new time.

Social networking on the web with applications like Facebook, Blogs, Spaces and Twitter has taken over and it's wonderful - but it doesn't have any depth whatsoever.

Deep thought, complex ideas and real research cannot be done in these formats, and of course, they were never designed for such things.

I am a great believer in the power of the MasterMind group, and the time has come to make a place on the web for more in-depth discussions, to be able to express new ideas, try out new things, discover, explore - my favourite activities in all the worlds!

This is how EMO came to be; the Genius Symbols, Power Affirmations, Energy Hypnosis and all the other wonderful things that we do and often take for granted.

They were not developed in a vacuum, but by REAL people taking new ideas and working with these ideas and concepts in real life, translating them with reality feedback into workable strategies THE LIKES OF WHICH HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE.

People who don't know about how research works might think it's all boring and difficult - but that's as far from the truth as you could possibly get.


It's every favourite TV show, every treasure hunt, every Christmas Morning, all rolled into one!

The actual PRODUCTS at the end of it - the techniques and patterns of Project Sanctuary and EMO, The Harmony Program, Guiding Stars, PowerFields and so on and so on, as exciting as they are, are the sanitised versions of the sheer FUN the researchers had discovering them in the first place!

If you too have a sense of excitement about the world, and an understanding of how much there remains to be discovered, I invite you to join the Pertineri Premium Private Member's Club.

If you do so right away, and BEFORE THURSDAY NIGHT, 11.59pm GMT, you lock in an extra special discount price for the duration of your membership as well.

You can read more about the benefits of joining the Pertineri Premium Private Member's Club at https://starfields.org/pertineri.htm

Nicola Quinn and myself will welcome you personally as a new fellow member, and I look forward to learning MASSES, and having an enormous amount of fun doing so, during the course of this project.

You know who you are - join today if I have spoken to you :-)

With best wishes and see you in Pertineri,

Silvia Hartmann

Goto: https://starfields.org/pertineri.htm

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