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Weight Loss Healing and Detox Retreat August-September 2014 Only Just for August and September 2014 you are welcome to join us in Nuweiba Sinai for a long stay healing detox or weight loss retreat, according to your own aims and needs. The programme will include an organic raw food and juice fasting menu, a group workshop ...
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I seem to be coming out of various closets recently, stating my opinion, and drawing the proverbial line in the sand on a far more regular basis. I do think that has something to do with having nearly died and this must have re-arranged my point of view and my priorities.

Here's the latest example. I actually came out with it and said:

  • Any psychology that does not acknowledge the tremendous human capacity AND NEED for the spiritual, or ignores or denigrates the very real spiritual experiences of literally billions of human beings over a million years or more, is no "science of the human mind" at all.

Reality of Spiritual Psychology, Silvia Hartmann 2010

I made this statement in The Reality Of Spiritual Psychology which is a discussion on spiritual psychology, what that is, and how Events Psychology steps into that brief.

It's true. I absolutely believe that anyone who STILL holds on to the idea that people (and other creatures) are nothing more than a collection of random chemicals and electric impulses is living in the dark ages and needs to take off the blinkers.

And the black glasses which preclude a person from seeing what's actually really there.

The aforementioned MOUNTAINS of evidence of the whole human race across time and space ...

It's extraordinary really that something should try and call itself a science that will ignore reality.

Isn't that the absolute opposite of investigating the nature of reality?

Ah ... don't get me started ...

At any rate, here are my definitions of Holistic Psychology and Spiritual Psychology respectively, and how Events Psychology is a true holistic psychology AND a spiritual psychology, and why.

Holistic Psychology

Spiritual Psychology


Energy Psychology

... in the Events Psychology context.

Enough psychology to go around, that's for sure ...

Posted Mar 5, 2010   
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