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Energy In Motion London Poetry Energy In Motion London Poetry When we are in flow words pour forth effortlessly to desribe, to inspire, to express our essence. Here are the poetry gifts and blessings that sprung forth at the last Energy In Motion 3 day workshop in London, a transformational healing retreat.
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Musings On The Gift

Musings On The Gift

The Gift is a form of energy magic that is perhaps the most simple and direct way to understand a hugely complex operation, which is to generate a unique energy form and to transmit it to others. First described in 1996,

The Gift is indeed, a gift on many levels; now it turns out, it is also a TEST.

Musings on The Gift

After spending some time with advanced hypnosis and language patterns, The Gift came to mind and with it the idea of making a spinner for The Gift - a web button that generates a random result from a list of choices, which is in action in such things as The Magic Bottle, and For You, A Star.

I like those and find them a lovely boost in the work day, and it surprised me that I hadn't thought of making one for The Gift before.

So I sat down and let my dear energy mind stream the first 100 The Gifts to get the spinner started.

When I put it up, I thought to myself that right here, with a simple thing like The Gift, the difference between what I would call "magical people" and those who are not, becomes blatantly obvious.

There are people in this world to whom the idea of The Gift is silly, and to whom further, something like:

A field of flowers on a perfect summer's day

... is just a line up of random words that mean NOTHING.

Words that mean nothing, that DO nothing, that ARE nothing at all.

And then there are people who, if you give them this The Gift, will be able to feel what that is, have a sense of what that is, and who have further the ability to take that, and do something with it.

Someone who can do EMO, for example, can have a truly luscious energy experience by asking themselves, "Where do I feel this energy form in my body?" taking it in, flowing it all the way in, through and out their energy system, which ends up with a fabulous energy sensation in the body and the real sense of, "Oooh ... yummy ..."

A person who happens to be a Project Sanctuary player could take that field of flowers on a perfect summer's day, and step right into it, scent the grasses and flowers, walk amongst them, perhaps lie down for a while and look up at the white clouds above; or they might meet someone there for a picnic, or a romantic liaison, and once again, The Gift becomes ...

... well I'd say a whole lot more than just a row of words one after the other.

Basically, any The Gift is an invitation for an event. If you want one, that is.

It's also, when presented in this simple form, an invitation to practice some human skills that are precious, and rare, and without which, the world is flat and sentences are made up of streams of words and nothing more than that.

There are a lot of "sceptics" around who "don't believe in energy" because "it's silly and all in your imagination".

That's really funny - you could really say, "Does it matter?"

If you have the ability (which in and of itself, is a GIFT!) to take

A field of flowers on a perfect summer's day

... and decode that back into the energy forms I put in there with intention in the first place, and then go on to have a personal experience with it, that aids in your learning and evolution, and is in fact the ONLY way people really learn from each other when all is said and done, it's no longer a question of believing.

There is no need to try and prove to those who don't understand, can't feel it, can't see it, can't hear it, can't touch it through "clinical trials" that we are right, and they are wrong.

Wrong, impoverished, lacking data, incapable of discerning the bigger picture.

And proud of that fact!

LOL ...

Funny ...

In the meantime, so The Gift is also a The Test - do you get it?

Can you read the message not just behind the words, but behind the metaphor which is a container for an energy form that is quite specific and quite unique, and yet at the same time, endlessly re-interpreted by ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL who evokes THEIR OWN perfect summer's day and their own field and their own flowers upon receipt of this message.

Energy, internal representations and language forms such as sentences, and our friends, the metaphors are wonderfully complex, living, alive and full of resonance and power - awesome!

I truly feel sorry for folk who don't get it, and I hope that one day, perhaps the experience of falling in love, or a moment of grace, or a lightning strike of enlightenment will give them that breakthrough into the true magical world in which we live, and that is more than real indeed.

In the meantime, of course we try our best to educate; to find ways to help people get there faster, and without having to be in an airplane crash first, or in a war, or have some other trauma that simply shatters the old rigid constructs of thoughts and beliefs they've found themselves entrapped in.

In the meantime also, let's not waste time, nor look over our shoulders; life is too short for that.

Let's enjoy the magic of the world, and the magic of our abilities to play with energy, to give and receive it, to learn with it, to dance with it, to be nourished by it, and most of all, to use it as FUEL for our own endeavours and battles in the hard, whatever they may be.

In this spirit, as it always was, there is The Gift.

What's inside The Gift today?

The Gift - What is YOUR Gift today?https://projectsanctuary.com/the_gift.htm

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