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Letter From Silvia - Science Of The Soul

Letter From Silvia - Science Of The Soul

The latest Letter From Silvia, entitled "Science Of The Soul".

Read on for the full letter...

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Letter From Silvia - Science Of The Soul

Dear friends,

A quick note to let you know that Events Psychology – The Ultimate Package is available at the moment from DragonRising for just £49.00. 


This will be increasing to just under £100.00 as one of our most prized and premium products soon, and I would like you to seriously consider taking this opportunity to learn something that very few people in the world know (so far). 

The reason our GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner course gets such rave reviews and blows people away the way it does, is because of Events Psychology. 

You could say it's my final dissertation on how memories actually work, and what we can do with them. 

Perhaps I titled this book wrong, but the usual reaction from people is, “Oh I don't need that. I know that already… I've got lots of books on psychology...”

If you haven't got this one, then you're missing out big time.

This isn't just “a book about memories” it's a book – the book! - about YOU.

Who you are. Why you do the things you do. Don't think you know that yet, because you don't know yourself yet – not at all.

You are not who you think you are.

This is true of every single person I've ever met, and I include myself and all my aspects in this. 

Events Psychology – The Ultimate Package – comes with 50 Events Psychology exercises.

Events Psychology - Order Now!

Just reading through them will change your mind, change your energy system, and give you more information about yourself than you've ever had before.

It doesn't stop there though.

The theory, and more importantly, the practice of Events Psychology radically changes the way you think about, feel about and deal with your own problems, memories, events, artefacts, hopes and dreams altogether.

You can read the basic manual fifty times, and find new information every time as you develop, experience and uncode more and more information.

This is life saving information.

I wish all the psychologists in the world would have this information.

When I called it Events “Psychology” what I meant was to bring back the original meaning of that word, “The Science of The Soul” just for once.

I encourage every seeker, every journeyman and journeywoman, to avail themselves of what took me 35 years to understand, resolve and make logical and clear.

Engaging with Events Psychology is to engage with yourself on a whole new level.

I meant it when I referred to “The Science of the Soul” in the title, and I meant it when I said that this knowledge is about “How to understand yourself – and other people.”

Wishing you the best,

silvia hartmann - the official silvia hartmann site Silvia  x

Silvia Hartmann
Creator & Author, Events Psychology

Click this link to order Events Psychology – The Ultimate Package

Posted Dec 1, 2014   
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