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Letter From Silvia - Matters of the Heart

by Silvia Hartmann

Letter From Silvia - Matters of the Heart

The latest Letter From Silvia where Silvia Hartmann discusses matters of the heart, love and positive healing.

Valentine's Day is gone but the topic of THE HEART OF ENERGY is something that needs highlighting every day.

Now I've known this for a long time but it is true, I had not realised just how all pervasive problems of the heart are, nor what an effect they have on individual incarnations.

People are suffering from heartbreak and they have no idea.

The heart of energy is the nuclear reactor at the centre of the energy system and it powers everything - all the big energy channels you need for life, the energy immune system, all the other major energy centres and very importantly, the aura ‚Äď the "skin" of the energy body.

When we brought out the energy body stress chart, we were wondering why people across the board lived their lives at -4 as the baseline.

Well, we have the answer.

Broken hearts.

And contrary to public opinion, broken hearts don't just happen when mummy and daddy didn't love you right, or when your soul mate turned out to be the wrong guy, yet again.

Heart break occurs for all manner of reasons, and under all sorts of circumstances.

A friend's betrayal can be heartbreaking. An accident that was your own fault. Losing your business, getting fired, getting assaulted. Seeing terrible things in a war. Losing a companion animal.

Losing something that you loved...

People just do not realise that when we talk about broken hearts and heartbreak, these are not just words. Not just metaphors.

It means exactly what it says on the tin - our hearts of energy got broken, and now they don't work as they're supposed to.

And this has major, major repercussions across the board in mind, body and spirit.

I had a moment of enlightenment on the topic at this year's Positive Energy Kickstart event.

There were a lot of lady entrepreneurs there, looking for business success - but they had serious "love problems."

Problems of the heart.

There was one lady who was still angry all the time (read, in pain from her broken heart!) after a particularly bad betrayal from her ex husband.

This anger, obviously, seeped into her marketing materials, her customer service and it even dictated the colours she was using on her website.

There was another one who was cold and frozen after her heartbreak which had happened 15 years earlier, and again, no amount of going to more and more marketing courses could cure what was wrong and why people didn't flock into her presentations.

I looked at all the ladies there and thought, of course, I can tell them that if they use Positive Energy and get themselves higher on the SUE Scale, they're going to be more successful.

But when you suffer from a broken heart, that's going to be hard work again, isn't it.

Effort. The opposite of effortless, NATURAL, EASY success (in business, in love, in all things ...)

How life should be, actually is, for people who have a heart of energy that is in good working order.

On the day when I saw this, I also saw that we give lip service to ideas such as, "Love is the greatest power in the universe" ‚Äď but we don't use it right... yet.

That energy we call love is the white light, made up of a rainbow of positives, with beauty, harmony, success, power, gentleness, youth, vitality and all the rest of them being "aspects of love."

And I think what we need to do right now is to focus on heart healing.

The heart of energy is the most powerful system in the energy body and if we put our intention here, we are going to get the most traction and the best changes possible.

Heart healing is just the start.

That's just the start, the prequel, if you will.

The real story doesn't start until your heart has fired up and your energy system wakes up.

Your mind, body, spirit coming to life properly and in a whole new way.

That's when the story really starts - your success story, your life story, your love story.

I've spent the last 40 years trying to figure out how it all works. How to make it so that instead of lip service, the words of the prophets become A REALITY IN OUR LIVES.

Positive EFT has given me a simple tool that makes it easy for anyone at all to start experiencing "the power of love" in their own body, and the effects of stress reduction and personal, practical empowerment in their real lives.

Love EFT takes us to "the heart of the problem" and there, we have the solution.

This not only the solution to find love, expand love, evolve love in our lives.

It goes far, far, far beyond just "love, romance and relationships."

Matters of the heart are what create EVERYTHING in your life. Everything from the most mundane to the most spiritual.

Do you want to lose weight? It's easy when you have the energy, thanks to a powerful heart lifting you up, making you light and weightless, bringing your body back to life and into action.

Do you want to be successful in business? It's easy when you're full of energy, your heart is in the right place, you're "inspired" and attractive to all the people who want to work with you.

I tell you, there isn't a thing you're secretly or not so secretly dreaming of that won't transform when you engage the power of the heart - the power of love.

I'm very excited about this and I'm very pleased with Love EFT (spot the post hypnotic suggestion, anyone?).

I'll put this to your heart.

Make a start in your own way, letting the power of love itself be your guide along the path.

This is the practical reality of love - at last.

Can't tell you how relieved I am to have finally worked it out!

As it says in Love EFT - Make LOVE your goal.


Your happiness matters.

With my best wishes and gentle blessings for your heart,



PS: Just so you know, Love EFT is not about re-visiting the love pain of the past to "tap it away." Been there, done that, have the T-Shirt. This is different. A full global re-reversal, you could say!

PPS: I was inspired to paint a painting, "Make Love Your Goal." I have donated it to The GoE for their charitable fund and you can bid on it to own it on Ebay right now! There is just two days to go until the auction closes, the winner will also receive the first signed copy of Love EFT!

PPPS: Write to me and let me know what you did with Love EFT. I absolutely love hearing the stories, and about the surprising side effects. It's amazing what a little love can achieve!


To find out more about Silvia Hartmann's Love EFT and how to order your copy, click this link:

Love EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Posted Feb 19, 2015 by Silvia Hartmann   
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