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Joy of Cross Dressing - Mystery Solved!

Joy of Cross Dressing - Mystery Solved!

Now this is one of these weird things that I've observed and wondered about over the years - WHY is it that out of all the many peoples in the world, only the ENGLISH have a situation where fully grown heterosexual macho men will throw themselves with glee and much delight into women's dresses given the slightest chance and half an opportunity?

What's with the English joy of cross dressing?

This is a mystery I've noted for about 30 years and this strange joy of cross dressing of the English reaches all across other forms of divide. It doesn't matter if a man be rich or poor, well educated, straight, gay, bi, confused or otherwise, macho to the hilt or effiminate - if he's English, he'll literally JUMP into a dress if the opportunity is offered - and enjoy himself completely!

You couldn't beat your average German bricklayer into a wig, high heels and a woman's dress with metal rods! Much the same holds true with US bikers or police officers, Dutch army officers, Russian sailors, Turkish wine merchants or French window cleaners. The joy of cross dressing seems truly unique to the English.

How did that come to be? Is this a weird genetic twist in the English "race"? Is it the climate or the laylines? The language?

So I wondered on and off - and the other day, I got the answer to the question.

It's the English QUEENS that have caused this!

The ultimate authority over everything in the days past - and THEY ARE WEARING A DRESS!

The army officers all have to swear to serve "her" majesty; of course, so do all the civil servants, the politicians. All the subjects to this very day walk "on the Queen's highway" and the criminals serve their sentences "at her Majesty's pleasure".

The joy of cross dressing observed amongst the English is simply a case of cultural role modelling of the greatest power in the land. Which in England's history were to a high proportion and certainly recently, WOMEN queens with inconsequential consorts.

This works not just to explain the androgynous appeal of glam rock and the Monty Python public schoolboy fascination with cross dressing, but also the Suffragete movement, Margaret Thatcher and the other little quirks, such as that the UK has more BDSM divas per capita than any other country on Earth by a factor of ten.

Amazing. Funny. And so simple!

Ah well. Another great mystery of the ages - finally resolved :-)

SFX :-)

Posted Nov 14, 2006   
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