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First On The Dance Floor

First On The Dance Floor

There is a moment I am very familiar with - it happens at every party.

The music starts to play ...

Who is going to have the courage and step up to be the first on the dance floor?

And how long is it going to take before someone is going to "make that first move"?

It's fascinating.

The first person goes and starts to dance. Then you'll find a few others daring to dip their toes onto the dance floor, not dance in the middle, mind, just self consciously half-boogey a bit round the outside so they can step back quick and pretend never to have tried to dance at all, should this become necessary.

Eventually, a few more brave souls will take the centre and then it's not long after that and the dance floor is packed.

This is a thing that doesn't just happen in clubs every night, at weddings, at house parties everywhere in the Western World.

This is a metaphor for a myriad of things, a myriad of situations.

Let's take business, for example. Who is going to be the first with a new product, with a new idea?

It's the same thing. There is this eerie moment when you walk onto the dance floor and everyone stares at you, judges you, declares you to be crazy, some are confounded and you can tell they are wispering to their neighbours, "Who does SHE think she is? How dare she!"

Its that eerie moment that folk are afraid of - success here is not yet guaranteed. You have to stand firm and dance your dance, or believe in your product, or set up your trade stand, pitch your tent.

If you run away in tears, all is lost.

But the fact is that this dance floor business is entirely predictable.

Keep on dancing and soon enough, folk will join in. It's pretty inevitable.

I do know it can be daunting when one starts a new business or a new endeavour, and the metaphorical empty dance floor lies before one, with the multitudes crowded round it and their staring eyes fixed firmly upon you, and you get this sense they want you to fail - but they don't, they're really just waiting.

Waiting to show them that's it ok to dance.

And you know, it is ok to dance.

It's even ok to make a fool of yourself and fall over.

Actually, it's awesome.

It's about not being afraid.

Starting a business and it has zero customers.

Putting up a website and it has zero hits.

Making a facebook account and starting with zero friends.

Setting a date for a party and no-one has been invited yet.

Even a blank, empty document awaiting your written words is an empty dance floor, as is a blank canvas. And sometimes even a silence in a conversation ...

So many empty dance floors.

So much space to unfold and get the party started.

Just don't be afraid.

Listen to the music ... Can you hear it?

It's an amazing feeling to be the first on the dance floor.





May 2011


Posted May 21, 2011   
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