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Events Psychology Exercises Book

Events Psychology Exercises Book

I have collected the exercises from the Events Psychology study group in a document with some helpful tips and hints. Those who are interested in discovering more about Events Psychology and/or using the principles with their clients can use the exercises book to familiarise themselves with how EvP works, what it feels like, what it does.

As I have no plans in either the near or the far future to create further trainings in Events Psychology, the exercises book together with the original Events Psychology book and the case stories document will suffice in getting people who are interested in doing so thinking in the "Events Psychology Way".

Which is an interesting way, to be sure.

By reading the exercises, a superficial theoretical "knowledge" may be gleaned.

By doing the exercises, a personal wisdom understanding "knowledge" can be achieved.

The Events Psychology Exercises book will be available as an eBook download only around Christmas 2009.




Events Psychology Exercises



Posted Dec 11, 2009   
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