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EMO & The Water Metaphor

EMO & The Water Metaphor

Have you ever wondered why EMO works so well, or why we only allow the metaphor of water in its various states during an EMO energy healing session?

I have just written an article explaining about the healing powers of water, and what we can do to activate this immense and ancient healing power of "water is life" in a practical every day sense, and at many different levels.

This article is designed for people who don't know anything about EMO, or Project Sanctuary; but don't let that deter you because there are aspects of you that haven't caught on to the latest and greatest things and concepts just yet and those might well benefit from this short article that is a trip through the many dimensions of our existence.

The Healing Power of Water article is an invitation for EMO practitioners to start working on their shields to water, wherever they may be; and in many ways an encouragement to really stay with that powerful metaphor in your energy healing work. It is both a reminder as well as an example of how one might explain why water is the most powerful - and most far reaching! - metaphor for energy work, full stop.

For Project Sanctuary people, you can see what I'm doing as we are going through the various habitats that I'm evoking in this article, and importantly, making CONNECTIONS between certain things all the time.

Of course we know how important water is to PS habitats; and we have other kinds of water too than what may be strictly observed on Earth.

Water is important, and to find the right kind is especially important in Sanctuary. Do remember also that water carries messages, and is in fact, STREAMS OF INFORMATION at that level, so it's well worth paying some attention to.

For some, it may be also the first time that they get a real handle on how energy - metaphor - the hard - the way we talk about it - science - religion - language all link up in this single manifestation or existence that is "water".

A good starting point to make friends with the multi-level universe, which really is a whole lot more than simply that which meets the eye alone :-)

Enjoy at the multi-level:

The Healing Power Of Water

Posted Apr 30, 2010 Read Article...
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