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Do It In The Real World!

Do It In The Real World!

Tonight, I've given one piece of advice YET again, and I must have said that a hundred times now, and in all sorts of contexts - developing your healing powers, your paranormal abilities, your creative abilities, your intelligence, your health, wealth, joy, happiness, success ... man, it is ONE PRINCIPLE, one single trick that underlies it all and I swear will lead to enlightenment eventually.

And here is what it is.

"Do it in the REAL WORLD!"

The true tragedy of our lives as they are is that we have made a DIVISION between spirituality and physicality.

Work for 6 days, and on the 7th, you shall rest and go pray for a change.

Or you pray from 5pm to 5.30pm and after you're done, you go and kick the shit out of your neighbour, as usual.

That's the baseline division, and we modern folk have our own version of this.

You meditate with the curtains drawn, float with the angels, and then you open the curtains, switch the lights back on and go right back to screaming at your kids, the dog, the husband and the state your life is in.

Or, you go to therapy's magic circle, and there, you are full of self esteem, glowing with love for all and sundry, and on the way home from the therapist's office, you have an attack of road rage at some idiot who cut you up.

Two realities.

One full of angels, love and potential, and the other full of hoovers, traffic jams and terrorists.

Look guys, we need to PUT THAT BACK TOGETHER.

And the way to do it is to STOP consigning spiritual activities to the magic circles of churches and couches and incense lit ILLUSIONS and start practicing the arts of personal development in the supermarket, in the toilet, at work, whilst taking out the garbage, in the queue at the bank, whilst watching the news, and in all our dealings, all the time, and everywhere.

Have a small angel perched on your computer, permanently.

Practice your psychic skills EVERY TIME you touch an object, every time you see an interesting person, or a house, or a news report that freaks you out.

Send distant healing to the postman, pray to God in a traffic jam, and bless your cutlery before you start to eat.

Let your unconscious mind choose your vegetables this week, your clothes, your TV viewing.

Go into a trance meditation right outside a police station, or take 30 seconds in the middle of an old argument to do that.

Cast a spell of joy over your kid's toys, over your kids, why not? If you don't have any, look, there are plenty of other people's you can bless at any time.

Raise your eyes to the sky, often, and especially when you are the furthest away from a sky, or feeling enlightened.

It has to be done here, in the hard.

That's where it counts, where it makes the difference.

In the magic circles, what you do there, stays there, and that's not acceptable.

Not anymore.

We need the power of the WHOLE if we're going to make the world a better place.

And that means doing "it" all the time - for real, in our lives.

The good news?

The more we do that, the more whole we feel, the more connected we become, the more we understand and the more reality starts to make sense again.

Simple but true.


Posted Nov 13, 2006   
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