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SFX June 2009

SFX June 2009

"Skyland" Money River | Aromatherapy Picture Gallery | Heilende Sonne Free Audio | EMO & Healing Hands | Win A Magic Charm! | Life Will find A Way Free Inspirational Video | StarFields Twitter | Inner Circle | The Truth Is Out There ...

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my June 2009 StarFields Intelligence eZine!

In this issue:

+ Put An End To Money Stress - Forever!
+ Energy Magic From Mother Nature
+ EMO!
+ The German Corner: Heilende Sonne
+ From The Project Sanctuary Dimensions
+ Stop Press! Pre-Order Magic, Spells & Potions For Your Chance To Win A REAL Magic Charm!
+ Inspiration: Life Will Find A Way The Video
+ The Mailbag

*** Put An End To Money Stress - Forever! ***

With things being as they are at the moment, it's not a surprise that I've had lots of requests for an energy hypnosis program that deals with money stress, money stress, and with money stress (!).

I've given this some thought and have produced a special program for ... money stress.

This is not your usual "energy of money", "get rich quick" or "abundance" hypnosis induction, but it's a bit more than that. Probably more than a bit more, if you know what I mean.

Extremely relaxing, refreshing and re-energizing, this is going put you into a much better place, a much more resourceful place. In the short term, it will relieve your money stress, and in the long term, will make money stress a thing of the past altogether.

You want to use this more than once, and if you know a little EMO, get into it and work WITH it, and your results will be especially outstanding.

Get the Skyland Money Stress Program here:


PS: This program features a river, and interacting with the river to release fears and burdens, and gain new energy from the land, the sky, the river and the sea.

I had an amazing experience on the night after I'd done the recording. I came back to the house, made myself a cup of coffee, turned on the TV - and there was a huge gospel choir singing, "I'm going to lay down my burdens - down by the riverside ..."

I can tell you my mouth dropped open! That's a synchronicity and a half, I'm still amazed by that ...!

***Energy Magic From Mother Nature ***

As you know, I love my Aroma Energy and I have a special website where you can get an "aroma energy boost" for free and any time you like:


As a labour of love, I made a gallery the other day which contains all the images of all the plants on a single page, so you choose by the energy of the image - the colours, shapes and forms, the energy emissions - what would be good to bring into your energy body at this time.

Each plant also has a story to go with it and an explanation in words, so have a go and enjoy a "shot of nature energy" into your body!

You can find the new gallery at:


*** EMO ***

There are lots of things happening in the world of EMO. It's nice to see it taking off and more and more people getting their heads around it, how excellent a system it is to bring more joy into people's lives and help them let go of burdens, misery and pain. Chay!

We've got new EMO primers in Japanese, Russian and Danish to add to the collection, and I hear that Mandarin and Swedish are on the way. I love it!

Also, something I've been waiting for a long time is finally happening. Terry Lynch from the US is picking up on the ENORMOUS potential that exists in combining EMO with formal massage and creating a "Healing Hands Massage" that doesn't just blow the client away, but the practitioner as well.

Find out more about what Terry Lynch and her healing hands are doing at


*** The German Corner: Heilende Sonne ***

I've made a little website with German translations and also original articles by your humble correspondent, in the German language.

The latest arrival is an essay on EMO Energy Dancing and a new music track to try it out (on which I sing in German, oh my ...!)


*** From The Project Sanctuary Dimensions ***

I was telling Alex the other day how delighted I am with the progress the students on the Genius Symbol course are making, in their own personal ways.

It's not "just" that there are people who could never visualise at all before and now they do, and one person found a new take on their childhood by discovering a hidden stash of happy memories during an exercise, and that at least a couple of them are *really* getting the hang of how metaphor works, and that some others are rediscovering their "magic mojo" they thought they'd lost, and that some are discovering that they *are* creative and massively so - it's the LIGHTNESS that is such a big part of this course that makes it all so much more fun, so much more easy; and where the Project Sanctuary Master's course is nothing short of harrowing on occasions, the Genius Symbols make easy work of just about everything.

In fact, someone who previously did complete the PS Masters complained that it was "too easy"!

LOL. When you have suffered a great deal of hardship it really does seem unfair that the young ones get it all laid out for them in 23 simple symbols, I do have a resonance to that!

But be that as it may, I would like to say a heartfelt and personal congratulations to Malcom Proudfoot, who has completed the GS course and done some truly wonderful work with the symbols. Well done!

As I'm tutoring this course, and as I'm using the symbols in various ways myself, I'm getting more and more astonished just how good they really are.

Also, more and more specialist applications are revealing themselves. So I've decided to write a special "Magic Edition" for the Genius Symbols which will be called “Magic, Spells and Potions”. This book covers the magic uses, such as fortune telling and clairvoyance, charging objects, creating and casting spells and so forth in more detail. I'm hoping to have the eBook completed by the time Summer Solstice comes around, so that's something to look forward to if you are of the witchy or shamanic disposition :-)

Stop Press: I’ve just been told by the publisher that “Magic, Spells and Potions” has just been made available to pre-order – see my next news item for details about my solstice competition!

The Genius Symbols Book or Ebook:


The Genius Symbols Distance Learning Course:


*** Stop Press! Pre-Order Magic, Spells & Potions For Your Chance To Win A REAL Magic Charm! ***

Need or even *want* more magic in your life?

Here is your chance to win a unique magic pendant, hand made by yours truly from young Copal Amber, personally imprinted and anointed with Star Flower oil, and it has been dedicated to the soul and the life force.

Amber has traditionally been used to both protect and delight the soul; this mysterious translucent substance that in Greek was called "Elektron" and from which electricity takes its name, is one most delightful natural treasures, highly prized by master magicians through the ages.

To enter, you need to pre-order your copy of Magic, Spells & Potions before the eBook is made available on Solstice Sunday, 21st June 2009 – the most magical day of the year! If you pre-order the paperback I’ll also sign each copy with a unique blessing.


I will announce the lucky winner (so in its own way, this is a luck charm as well, it has to be!) in next months edition of SFI Ezine.

Good luck!

***** Inspiration: Life Will Find A Way The Video *****

Take 3 minutes out of your busy life for a delightful energy magic mini-meditation on the power of the life force that lives inside us all.

A great boost for the immune systems of mind, body and spirit and by all means, share this with your friends and loved ones.


***** The Mailbag *****

"Someone" wrote and said:

"I am missing the Yahoogroups! Where do I get the good stuff now that the silver platter is gone?"

Nice one! If you can afford the price of a pizza and a soft drink per month, you can join the "Inner Circle" member's group - you can find details at https://starfields.org/pertineri.htm

This includes teleclasses which are about the latest topics and discoveries, some cool and brand new free stuff (latest was The Love Principle energy hypnosis program download for last month) and the type of ongoing comments, patterns, articles and techniques I used to send to the egroups in the olden days.

To keep abreast of what I put publicly on the web, the easiest is to follow me on Twitter or on Friendfeed, look for StarFields. When I post a new article somewhere, they pick it up and send you a notification.

And then there is of course this newsletter too where I try and keep you informed of the most important unfoldments in the StarFields universe ...

Daniel E. wrote:

"I wanted to send you this small feedback on Event Psychology as I promised on our group call. As I progress in the exercises and lessons in the Genius Symbol Course, this course along with everything you have written or products you have created seem to dovetail and fit, just as a special woodworking masterpiece, would dovetail and fit."

This has particularly delighted me because in my life's work, which goes beyond each and every product, pattern, book, song, painting, sculpture, poem or story YET INCLUDES THEM ALL, I have always looked for truth, and congruency, so thank you for that lovely metaphor, Daniel!

There is a structural integrity to truth, something that holds all the details together, and this "deep structure" is in fact the wellspring from where every else then comes, the real fountain of creativity just like the symbol for creativity.

I have believed for a long time that this wellspring is a person's connection to the real Universe outside our own heads and outside the worlds we create for ourselves interpersonally.

The truth really *is* out there ...

And I do believe that we - each one of us! - has a right to access that truth in the most personal fashion possible, a one-on-one love affair with the Great Creative Order that transforms your life above all else.

I've never thought of myself as a religious or spiritual person; I'm practical above all else, logical, methodical, even.

To me, this "truth" of the real existing Universe of which we are a part has next to nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with LIVING RIGHT.

Having a good time, having fun, having extraordinary experiences, not being afraid, having trust, experiencing grace and wonderment.

Not on a mountain top, or in a monastery, but in LIFE. Every day. EVERYWHERE. Whether you're old or young, beautiful or not, healthy or sick.

That's what I've always been after and I've found that "the truth" that is outside can give us all of that - we just need to unlock it.

With every person who finds their way to that - through EFT, EMO, Project Sanctuary, through the symbols or all or any of the many patterns I've found over the years - we are all enriched in a very profound way.

Every person who has a threshold shift, a breakthrough moment when things begin to change, is a total delight to me, and an absolute encouragement to go on with what we're doing, and to know we're on the right path.

And that path is a personal path, one for each human being, because the truth really is a pathless land.

That is so wonderful, and so exciting, so freeing, if you think about it.

There is you, and there is the Universe - and it's waiting for YOU. And me. And it's there, always there, we just have to go looking for it!

And on that happy note, have a wonderful time - and I mean that quite literally, wonder-filled! - whatever you do, and wherever you are.

Bright birds flying high,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann


Links In Brief:

Healing Hands & EMO:

Plant Energy Exercise:

New Magic, Spells and Potions Book – Solstice Competition:

The Genius Symbols Distance Learning Course:

The Genius Symbols Book or Ebook:

Lots of good things auf Deutsch:

3 Minute Healing/Inspiration/Relaxation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOHVl53vu7g

Brand NEW Skyland Money Stress Program:

Get LOTS of FREE Stuff, Discounts, Inspiration & Avant Garde Goodies:


Reality Iceberg Illustration for Energy Dimensions Article

Reality Iceberg Illustration for Energy Dimensions Article

Posted Jun 19, 2009   
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