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Swisscare Hotel Nuweiba Swisscare Hotel Nuweiba In January 2010, November 2011, January 2013 and 2015 our venue was Swisscare, a small and elegant hotel on the Sinai peninsular, on the Red Sea. It is off the beaten track, away from large commercial resorts but not far from Sharm el Sheikh, and has a ...
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SFI March 2009

SFI March 2009

The EMO Conference 2009 | Introducing The NEW Member's Club | Silvia Auf Deutsch | The Healing Habitats | The Child In The Meadow Free Inner Child Healing Meditation/Hypnosis Script | NLP: A Spell For Change | Farewell To Yahoogroups | StarFields On Twitter | Congratulations To New PS Master Margreet Vink

Hello everyone!

spring has sprung in the UK, the daffodils are out, and that usually means we are busy preparing for this year's EMO conference.

This is an event quite unlike any other you may have previously experienced in many ways - lol! - so if you're sitting on the fence and wondering if the time is finally right for you to learn EMO AND practice it with the best bunch of people on this planet for a weekend, I'd say, YES.

Well of course *I* would say that.

But don't just take my word for it.

Ask your spirit guide, your higher self, your prophet or your deity if EMO is right for you now, and take THEIR word for it instead!

Then pack your bags and meet us there!

I am presenting on The Genius Symbols this year, and how to do REAL crystal healing with support from the kingdom that has been the basis for all life since the Universe began, plus a special Master Class workshop with Nicola Quinn.

Personally, I look forward to the Energy Dancing party on Saturday night!

You can find out the rest and book your place right here:



The New Member's Club ...

... is up and running, has its first 30 members (a very special hello to you all :-) and our first teleconference is scheduled for Wednesday of next week.

Our first member's product was a special "Money Affirmation" energy/rhythm exercise with a demonstration and a download of the shamanic drums so you can make your own "power affirmations with rhythm and energy" - it's a rush :-)

I wasn't quite sure what might be happening, and we are still in the process of finding out, but one thing I do know - I'm writing a book in the member's club forum live online.

It is currently codenamed "The Rich & Healthy Witch" and it is about what you have to do to be able to develop your psychic circuitry AND stop chaos from unfolding in your incarnation - something that sadly all too often happens to people once they start flexing their reality-creating wings just a little.

There really isn't any good information on this available, and we're finding out about it as we are going along.

I've written the first 4 chapters this month, on such topics as controlling your empathy; getting hold of internal representations; changing old thought patterns; and how to make shields that protect you but don't disconnect you; and it is great to have an outlet for this in the member's club.

The price is the cost of a single mid-range ebook per month, there's plenty of value and you can get involved if you want and gain even more for yourself from your membership.

Nicola and I will be happy to welcome you if you like the things we do :-)

Sign up at



Moving Things To Their Rightful Places ...

Energy Healing for a network of web sites?

Yes, you could look at it that way.

Where does THAT need to go?

Is there a connection between this and that?

Does the information flow smoothly?

Does this need restoration?

And does this need to be let go of at last?

That's a good working model for everything - not just the human energy body!

We are restructuring the entire StarFields Network, and not just that, we are also using brand new software and even our own programming language, called Dragoncode, to do so.

This has been a massive project, years in the making, and the first test sites are with us now.

For me, it's been a great opportunity to update many articles and patterns, and give a little love to some websites that were languishing and quite forgotten.


The Spirit Of Animals

A Survivor from 2003: http://spirit-animal.net

If you love animals and you understand about animals as guides on our own human spiritual path, you'll love this site.

I really enjoyed dusting it off and bringing the content up to date and making it available to visitors once more.

Here is a new article that I find very thought provoking and I recommend, whether you like animals or not:

One Love - Animals, Humans, & Angels


You can also find a delightful Project Sanctuary story by Kerstin Warketin on The Mind & Soul of Animals there.

Worth taking a look!


***** For Ze Jermanz ... :-) *****

Also back and much better than ever is my only German language site. We have moved the content to http://emotionale-freiheit.com and here you can find German language articles about some of my core techniques and including EMO, Energy Magic (Zauberwelt) and Projekt Sanktorium!

If you would like to contribute something in German to this site, please do contact us! And if you have a German language site or blog, give us a link, and we'll link back.



***** New Free Articles & Techniques *****

One of my favourite, absolute favourite self help energy healing technique are the Healing Habitats from Project Sanctuary.

There is nothing quite like them, and they have helped me personally SO MUCH, and taught me SO MUCH, I get quite missionary in my desire to have EVERY PERSON IN THE WORLD know just this one thing about my work, learn just this one technique, and learn it well.

Learn it now, before you get sick or old, or before you really do need "a Sanctuary in the night", so that when it comes to it, the Healing Habitats are ready to go and can spring to your rescue.

It is EASY, feels so RIGHT, and here are the simple instructions on how to get started on gaining truly a lifetime's deep, deep support from our energy mind for all of our systems:

***** Healing With The Energy Of Natural Landscapes And Meditation


Energy Healing article No. 2 is a FREE inner child meditation/journey script I wrote after getting numerous requests for such a thing on 1-healing.com

***** The complete script for The Child In The Meadow can be found here:


And here is one for the NLPers amongst us, and those who like a little energy magic now and then:

***** A Spell For Change



A Final Farewell To My Yahoogroups

Earlier this month, I finally closed all my yahoogroups officially. They were great, fantastic, back in the day but their time had come to an end; and when this happens, the relief is so great that it's finally over, it exceeds the nostalgia and you can let it go!

I would like to thank those who contributed over the years, it was an amazing thing in its time, gave me lots of new ideas, and some of my oldest friends came to me that way.

But time's they are a-changing

If you like to stay in touch with what I do and when I do it, I have a Twitter account at



And lastly ...

Congratulations to Margreet Vink on becoming a Project Sanctuary Master. I know it's a tough ride but I also know what it means when you passed it.

In this day and age of "multiple choice exams" and making everything conform to the lowest common denominator, I guess I really bucked the trend with this course, but the fact is that I believe in people, and I KNOW that they are capable of far more than they think they are. That course is a challenge, but those who rise to it come away with much more than they had bargained for.

Well done, Margreet!

A lot of news, to be sure - goes to show how busy we've been!

But I love my work, and I can't wait to get out of bed in morning to see what the day will bring, and you can't say fairer than that.

Wishing you likewise, exciting days filled with achievement that PLEASES YOU and takes you where you want to be,

Bright spring scented skies,


Silvia Hartmann


Links in brief:

***** The EMO Conference 2009

***** The Member's Club

***** Auf Deutsch

***** The Healing Habitats

***** The Child In The Meadow Script:

***** A Spell For Change

***** StarFields On Twitter



Relaxation Dance Video Amber

Energy Dancing Amber Video @ Youtube

Posted Mar 11, 2009   
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