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Photos and Feedback from January 2015 Healing Retreat

Photos and Feedback from January 2015 Healing Retreat

The Fab Four have just completed a wonderful detox and healing retreat in Nuweiba Sinai Egypt in January. We were a small group of 4, a Laughter Yoga Instructor, a HR Manager from West Sussex and a Yoga teacher and myself, Sandra Hillawi, just as much in need of a detox as everyone else! Enjoy our pics Cool

Driving through Sinai from Sharm el Sheikh to Nuweiba

After a beautiful drive through the Sinai mountains from Sharm el Sheikh we arrived to Nuweiba on 4th January.  The beautiful Swisscare resort was almost empty, on the beach of the Gulf of Aqaba, Sinai mountains behind us and Saudi mountains across the water to the east.

Swisscare Resort Nuweiba - tranquil deeply peaceful healing retreat venue Detox meals by the pool each day Beautifully presented detox meals Delicious detox menu

The absence of tourism in the area meant that we had the idyllic spot for a retreat, deeply deeply peaceful and all ours. The weather was mixed. Hot still heat as we arrived then a bit cloudy and breezy then warming up again.

In addition to the normal detox menu of salads fruits and 4 days of juice, we had Laughter Yoga. A new concept to me but it was really really wonderful, laughing so much is so good for the soul. Thanks Manda for this gift.

Four days of juice detox in between our raw meal days Laughter Yoga Sessions were great food for the soul Laughter and more laughter  Laughter Yoga Sessions Sandra

The healing sessions started out with relaxation therapies and introducing EFT and as guests got out of their heads and into their bodies by mid week we got into some good healing sessions on love, relationships and importantly how to love ourselves. With another Laughter Yoga session to round off the week, coming off juices and back onto raw meals was exciting and all our energies were high.

 Manda Stretch Laughter Yoga Instructor New Laughter Yoga Leaders Sandra and Teresa with Manda The Fab Four after an evening of poetry songs and stories

On our last evening together we all shared songs poetry readings stories and it was a wonderful time of sharing connection love fun and friendship. I certainly felt so clean and revitalised and deeply happy for all we had shared and experienced together. 

Sandra very happy juicing especially with fruity sunrise surprise 

Manda loves detox desserts 

Manda said:
"Having just completed the 7 day de tox in S.Sinai I must say I feel great..I feel clean, bright,lighter and ready to have a fresh start with my eating habits. Sandra is a great 'hands off' facilitator so allows a lot of breath in the group...I like that ..She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and how the body works so I felt 'safe' in her hands..she also creates a loving prescence and let me be who I am. The raw food vegetable dishes and choice of juices that she chose for us were fantastic. I didn't feel hungry throughout the whole week because I was being nourished in other ways. The venue at Swisscare was 10 out of 10..fabulous rooms, en suite and very kind and helpful staff...great views too being surrounded by the Sinai mountains and also on the beach.
I would thoroughly recommend these de tox holidays with Sandra to anyone who wants to change some habits around their eating habits and who wants to have a great time.x"

Yummy detox desserts and healthy too Our Raw Chef Ashraf and his final masterpeice Detox Cake

Caroline said: "Swisscare resort was an idyllic venue, quiet, with spacious rooms, on the beach and outstanding service. The deox menu and juices were carefully chosen by Sandra with love and I liked the structure of easing in and out of the juice detox with days of delicious and beautifully presented raw meals. The workshops helped me shift my stuick energy and the subjects and themes were thoughtfully chosen and useful and the one to one healing sessions were gracefully offerred and were just wonderful. This 7 days has given me time to stop, rest, sleep and to rejuvenate. Set in amazing surroundings with the most wonderful juices and foods, served by the most hospitalble staff who did all they could to ensure our needs were met I have healed, found my energy and am looking forward to returning to my life back home. Thank you." 

Sunsets over Sinai and Swisscare Sunset over Swisscare and the Gulf of Aqaba

Our deserted Sinai beach overlooking Saudi Arabia

The week ended with a shopping expedition to Nuweiba city, an almost ghost town now, but with afew bazaars faithfully waiting for us to come and buy scarves, gifts and clothes and drink tea with the vendors. 

Thanks to my wonderful guests Manda Teresa and Caroline and the most excellent support from the Swisscare team, especially Ashraf for the most beautiful presentation of my Detox menu. I shall conclude with Teresa's poem written for our retreat, below.

Sandra Hillawi Healing Retreats Welcome To Join Us Next Time

Hope to see you next time, Love, Sandra

2015 Dates Here

The Fab Four

by Teresa Saliba

We have come to the end of our week together

The fab four with their variety act
We shared, we juiced, we tapped we laughed
Our small group with our variety act
We began well,-- with Veg and dates 
Oh how wonderful we all exclaimed
Fruit for breakfast was varied-- & with dates 
Our lunch looked good, --- and green
But what was missing? you guessed-- the dates!
Ah nut burgers, So gloriously tasty---
Tahini on top and salad plus salad, Plus salad--
Yes the dressing was good, the pomegranate divine
We waited for more, but the dates never arrived.
Next day our journey was altered
Our solids were stopped and liquids were ordered
A day without chewing and 3 more to embrace
I wonder how long we will last the pace?
But there were lots of supports for emotions and Soul
What we lost in Kilos, we gained by the score.
We had EFT and EMO and looking within to find our store
Releasing, relaxing our energies changing
Where does it go, this energy releasing?
We laughed, oh we laughed, both faking and real
Our stomachs were aching but we loved how to feel
The joy, the fun, being silly being young
We were set for the day--Oh what Laughter has brung.
Its sad to break-up our lovely fab Four
We head to our various residing abodes
But we'll take with us More than we brought to this place
Releasing, relaxing, self loving and More
The Joy, the Smiles, the Water, the Juice
Bananagram, Darts and more games to defuse
Our laughter will keep us in touch and All Smiling
The rest will sustain us through our life---Expanding.
Teresa Saliba
Posted Jan 15, 2015   
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