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Personal Review of Sayadeen Village

Personal Review of Sayadeen Village

Looks can be deceptive. They say don't judge a book by it's cover. This is true of Sayadeen Village, the home of our healing and detox retreats in Egypt.

In beautiful Mezina Bay in Nuweiba, nestled between Sinai mountains, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Saudi Arabian mountains across the sea sits Sayadeen. Somewhere between a camp and a hotel, three stars they say, some would argue less, others would say more.... those who take the time to dig deeper discover the true Spirit of Sayadeen and understand what they mean when they say 'Sayadeen is a State of Mind'.


Sayadeen Village

For behind the facade of simple basic rooms, air conditioned with fridges phones, TV and ensuite slightly dated bathrooms, clean except for the constant struggle against sand blown in from the beach, there is a welcoming heart.

The heart of Sayadeen Village is its people. You will travel far and wide to find a place like Sayadeen with with staff so warm and friendly, staff that take time to get to know you and to care about you, to make you so welcome as they serve and assist you in every need, to make you comfortable within the constraints of the slightly dated rustic facilities.

Opened in 1985 by President Mubarak, the King of Jordan and the King of Oman, it was the first resort in this region of Sinai. The opening ceremony photo proudly hangs in reception. It is now owned by Mr Sami Soliman of Soliman Travel, who treats all of his staff as his family. This family of the heart extends to all who visit, especially those seeking retreat, relaxation, healing, health and rejuvenation and especially the joy of life.

Sayadeen has a Spirit of its own. Its people know how to dance and to sing.

Nagi and our very own Yoga Teacher Jo Hogarty

Just watching Nagi dance you will feel his bright joyful spirit even though he would rather be known as a 'strong driver', as he drives the transfer cars to and from the airport. Ehab, known as Bob, is the King of Waiters. Nothing is too much trouble and the lengths he goes to serve you from his humble yet great heart are a constant delight.

'King Bob' the most attentive waiter 

Chef Baraka, Prince of chefs is excellent in his preparation of our raw meals and juices. He understands our needs for hygeine and for flexibility. Everything is 'Mafish Mushkila', 'No Problem' and his smiling eyes reveal that this comes from his sincere and warm heart.

 Chef Baraka  Ahmed and Waleed - always a smile

The boys on reception, Waleed, Mahmoud, Wagdi and Atef have a constant smile and natural warmth and readiness to assist and to solve any problem in 5 minutes, though we sometimes have to accept that an Egyptian 5 minutes is not an English 5 minutes.

Mr Mohamed Riad, General Manager, despite his busy job, still finds time to sit and talk to guests and to get to know them. Then there's Hamed and Mohamed on the beach bar. I wish I could mention them all to you.

Sayadeen is not perfect especially if you are looking for fluffy towels and power showers and 5 star comforts. The fact that it was built 25 years ago means its a bit dated, but this also means it predates the laws requiring hotels to be at least 200m from the water's edge.

Herb tea, a good book and a beautiful view

This means that you can step out of your room and the beach in afew strides. The beach bar and bedouin sitting areas that allow shade from the hot sun are right by the waters edge. There you can enjoy exquisite views of mountains and sea with stunning sunrises and sunsets, drinking your juice or Egyptian tea, reading or spending time together friends, the gentle lapping of the water on the sand only afew feet away.

Bedouin sitting areas by the water

The bathrooms are small but clean and functional. The water supply for all Nuweiba is from deep underground in the desert, full of mineral salts. Bedrooms are cleaned daily and you will be entertained and delighted by the towel art from beautiful Abdel Aziz in the housekeeping team. Every direction your eyes look around the gardens you will find something interesting, beautiful, or old or characteristic of the area and its natural beauty into which the Village blends so well.

Beach bar and mountains

Sayadeen is not for those whose priorities are modern comforts. If thats what you are looking for you may be disappointed, though you may still join the healing retreat as a day guest, and stay in the 5 star place next door. But if you want your heart and spirit nourished, not only by the breathtaking natural beauty of the setting, but through warm human relationships, and you want to enjoy delicious food either on our healthy detox menu or the restaurants oriental menu, we know you will come to love Sayadeen Village as we do.

The view at breakfast

By the end of your stay you will be part of the extended Sayadeen family, as I have become myself after my 2 retreats there. You too will be touched by Sayadeen's humanity and joyful spirit. You will feel that your time there has been very special and that one day, you will return again to Sayadeen, Nuweiba, an undiscovered gem, for your next retreat where you will be most welcome.

Sandra Hillawi, Healing Retreat Leader

 Sad farewells at Sayadeen Village

Posted Jan 25, 2011   
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