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Juicing for Weight Loss Retreats

Juicing for Weight Loss Retreats

When I first got into healthy pursuits and started learning about raw foods and juicing I tried out the raw food diet and then found myself juicing for about 9 weeks.... the weight loss was amazing !

I also look back on this time as one of the healthiest periods of my life ...

I felt so clean, inside and out, I felt a radiant glow all the time, I had so much energy and vitality, my skin was great and the loss of all my excess weight was a great bonus. It was an amazing experience.

So what happened after that?

Emotional issues came up following a relationship breakup and I couldnt get back to the raw diet in any sustained way, despite all the mini raw food detoxes I did. I just wasnt attracted to the high vitality foods. My body was craving carbs and comfort foods instead.

But my raw energy and health experience was enough to get me to change my career. I trained in natural healing, herbs, detox and started running retreats in France and in recent years in Egypt 2-3 times a year for 1-2 weeks.

Fast forward to the last couple of stressful and emotionally demanding years, and I find myself craving and yearning for the simplicity, for the naturalness, for the healing power of nature at its purest and best and for time out for my mind body and spirit and when asked by recent visitors on my website about a long juice fasting retreat for weight loss, I thought ' what a perfect idea'.

So thats what I have created for August, a chance to get back to nature, live simply, live on fresh organic juices  lose weight, reconnect with yourself and nature and a chance to rediscover the health we are supposed to be enjoying !!

Its a juice fasting retreat with a focus on weight loss. We will be in a place where natures landscapes are so beautiful : Sinai, on the Red Sea, Nuweiba Egypt on the Gulf of Aqaba and in a community that is relaxed warm friendly and ready to welcome you at whatever point you are at in your life, Habiba Village (Habiba means Love in Arabic)

Its interesting that Channel 5 broadcast the film Fat Sick and Nearly Dead recently, showing how a man turned his health around after 60 days on a juice only diet. Its all very inspiring for the project!

So are you ready to join us?

Are you interested in weight loss?

Do you yearn to feel clean and free in mind body and spirit once again?

Do you want to get back to nature and simplicity for a month ?

Do you also yearn for inner peace ?

Could you use some help and support for stress release and emotional healing becasue life is not easy for many these days ?

Would you love to swim in the clean warm Red Sea everyday to invigorate and refresh - I can wholeheartedly recommend it as I was there in January!

Would you like to feel how silky smooth your skin can be when scrubbed daily in the Red Sea slity sand? 

Would you love to chill out for a whole month in the sun (or less if you cant make 4 weeks) ?

Are you just a bit curious to discover what 4 whole weeks fasting on fresh raw juice can do for you and your health?

If any of these resonates with you then consider joining us in Nuweiba in August for our juicing for weightloss retreat

It will be absolutely fabulous, and we hope you will join us Cool


Frequently Asked Questions

Why on earth would anyone want to do this?

Juices are the ultimate cleansing and healing aid for the body. Thats because they are a) nutritionally dense providing all the nutritional elements for nourishment and for repair and b) take no energy to digest and assimilate into the body.

Digestion can take up to 70% of the body's energy and resources because we eat complex combinations of cooked food, with no enzymes and which require the body's finite enzyme resources to digest it. This explains why we have less energy after a big meal as the body diverts energy for digestion.

So as juices are digested and assimilated so quickly into the bloodstream without taking up energy, the body’s energy and resources are directed to nourishment, cleansing and repair. Long juice fasts are very healing to the body.

What About Energy?

Raw fresh juices are alive with enzymes, they have vitality, life force, you can feel the energy and vitality of juice. Juices are not only superfoods, the essence of nature, liquid nectar, but they bring their life force to our energy system. We consume that energy too, and this changes our energy system and our own vibration. So consuming raw food and juices effects our emotions and spiritual body, moving us to lightness and peaceful energy states and emotional balance. Traditionally, fasting has been a part of spiritual practice supporting the body for spiritual cleansing and transformation. In the Gospel of Peace by the Disciple John, Jesus says to the sick ; Fast and pray to heal yourselves and get back to nature.

Will I Be Hungry?

Your body quickly adjusts to the lower intake and you feel light and less full or bloated. Your digestion is resting. Juices are very satisfying for the body nutritionally, and using the opportunity to take herbal drinks to cleanse the intestines, guests are surprised how they very satisfied and are not hungry at all and how they can go on easily living on juice.

I myself have lived on juice 9 weeks and felt fabulous. Others in healing chronic disease naturally, live on juice for months to let their body repair. Dr Norman Walker, author of Colon Health The key To Vibrant health, decided to live on juice when he was 70 and he lived to be 108.

What About Cleansing?

As the requirement to spend a lot of body energy on digestion disappears, the body's natural process of cleansing and repair can take place. cells release stored toxins into the blood stream for elimination, which may be through the colon, kidneys, skin, lungs or filtered by the liver. Supporting the elimination process is a good idea, as this can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable with headaches and low energy at the start of the cleanse, as toxins are first released into the blood stream.

Drinking plenty of fluids, keeping the colon clear, skin brushing, breathing deeply fresh air, and liver cleansing can all help the body detoxify more quickly and more comfortably.

A long juice fast allows the body to do a deep tissue cleanse and allows the immune system to do needed repairs. Deep cleansing ceases when we return to a cooked diet.

What about juicing and weight loss?

Living on juices is high quality nutrition but a low calorie diet. So naturally weight drops away, especially as cleansing the cells means less water needs to be retained also in the cells to dilute toxins stored there. Cellulite also disappears. On a month juice fast most people should lose a stone (estimated 14lbs , about 7 kilos) some maybe more.

What About Exercise on A Juice fast?

Its good to move the body, as keeping the circulation going for the lymphatics, which is part of the elimination system, is also important. But we dont want to expend too much energy on hard physical exercise, as we want our energy for cleaning and repair. So swimming, walking, yoga, rebounding are all good and encouraged on our detox retreat.

Will There Be Enough to Do in Nuweiba in a Month or Will I Get Bored?

Nuweiba is a breathtakingly beautiful peaceful spot on the Gulf of Aqaba. With Sinai mountains behind, Saudi Arabian mountains across the water, and daily magnificent sunrises facing east and sunsets casting a blaze of colour over the mountains. Its spectacular! You can swim every day, enjoy the coral reef snorkling or scuba diving, you can read, go for a walk, or local excursion, visit the local town, visit with the local Bedouins, make music and experience the culture, meditate and spend time on inner reflection and deep rest. Past retreat guests have even taken the trip up Mount Sinai to watch the sun set or rise over the Sinai desert... while they were fasting. There is also boat trips and other trips into the canyons and wadis of the Sinai desert.


If you have any other questions, please do email me and ask.

This is a great opportunity to have such a health full experience as a while month on juice, for health and vitality, for deep cleaning and healing, for rest and with good emotional and spiritual support, can be a completely transformational experience.


Posted Jun 26, 2013   
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