Healing Retreats with Sandra Hillawi
Photos from August 2013 Retreat at Habiba Photos from August 2013 Retreat at Habiba August's healing and detox retreat was at Habiba Beach Lodge Nuweiba. We were a group of only 3 this time, myself and two guests, but I decided to go ahead with the retreat as I needed the break myself and looked on this trip as a working holiday with ...
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Welcome to Healing Retreats with Sandra Hillawi

Welcome to Healing Retreats with Sandra Hillawi

Hello and welcome to Healing Retreats with Sandra Hillawi. Smile

12 years ago I was introduced to the idea of healing retreats myself. I was run down, over worked, exhausted and had lost my zest for life. I had read about detox retreats and took the plunge and what happened was amazing.

It changed my life.


Not only in my health and well being as I regained my energy, vitality, health, lost my excess weight, but it changed my career direction too Smile

My old IT career is now 10 years behind me as I am now an experienced practitioner, trainer and facilitator in natural healing and detoxification, energy healing for the emotions and spirit and energy psychology and an author too.

I have now designed the perfect healing retreats to help you address, improve and overcome your own personal health challenges, to release your stress, to heal your emotions and spirit, help you to lose that excess weight, to create the energy passion and vision for your success in your own next step in life as you rediscover your magnificent self.

Healing Retreats for Health Challenges

Our approach to physical health and symptoms is a combination of optimum nutrition and deep healing and transformation of the emotions and spirit. We know that 85% of health problems come down to stress and unresolved emotional issues and amazing healings can be experienced when we release stress from the body.

Healing Retreats for Weight Loss

For weight loss we go back to nature. Combining healthy salads, fruits and vegetables with fresh juices with a focus on healing and changing the emotional behaviours around over eating, to be able to make lasting changes in our eating behaviours.

Exercise for the Mind Body and Spirit

There are no gymnasiums at our retreats. We prefer yoga and meditation. Yoga for physical strength and cardiovascular exercise as well as mental strength and focus and we encourage walking and swimming depending on our venues. We practice different styles of meditation for relaxation and to quiet the busy mind. Jo Hogarty is our most experienced and fantastic yoga teacher who will also have you in stitches with her warm Cumbrian sense of humour.

Self Help Workshops and Classes

In our daily workshops, we offer simple natural techniques for releasing stress, healing even the oldest injuries, and for creating the inner changes that you need in different areas of your life : love, relationships, work, family, health, your goals. Our favourite tools for change are EFT and EMO. Simple, powerful and effective.

One to One Healing Therapies

For deeper healing and change we offer a range of one to one healing therapy sessions : EFT and EMO, Massage and Reflexology, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage and Colonic irrigation at our detox retreats. Some therapies are included in the programme and some are optional extras.

Healing Retreat Centres : UK and Egypt

We are blessed to have beautiful venues for our retreats.

In the UK we are at Sedgwick Park House, West Sussex. A private Stately home restored with loving attention to detail and the most magnificent gardens with fountains, streams, an outdoor pool, cultivated gardens and wild meadow land and forest.

Our Sea Resort is by the Red Sea in Egypt. Far from the commercial resorts, with its own private beach and unspoilt coral reef, nestled between the mountains of the Sinai Desert and the Mountains of Saudi Arabia this is a place of deep peace and stunning natural beauty complete with warm attentive Egyptian hospitality.


Experienced Staff and Facilitators

Over the years I have developed a team of experienced therapist and friends. Each highly talented healing professionals and also wonderful caring human beings, with wonderful bright spirits that are a joy to work with. With a high staff to guest ratio, you will feel cared for and supported in your journey back to wellness.

Whether you stay 1, 2 or 3 weeks with us we can guarantee you love and friendship and an unforgettable life changing experience, in all ways. We hope that you will join us.

Sandra Hillawi

Posted May 31, 2010   
Contact Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi - waiting for your call :-))

It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile 

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.

Telephone Number UK +44 (0) 2392 433928

or Add me to Skype : sandrahillawi

or Contact Me by email


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