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Conquering Chocolate Cravings

Conquering Chocolate Cravings

When we are wanting to lose weight, one of the things that sabotages our success is food cravings. In the workshops on our detox healing retreats we spend some time identifying what our food cravings are and use EMO or EFT to release them and create lasting changes, to help us continue our weight loss goals.

Here's a transcript of a session with a client who wanted to get rid of her chocolate cravings.

Client: I've been like this for 6 months, have to eat chocolate, especially after 9 pm, it seems I go in a trance and everything else blots out, apart from chocolate. It controls me. I'd like to be free of chocolate and not have it at all, like I used to be.

After explaining how EMO worked this is how the surprisingly easy EMO session went. Please note that in addition to cravings we also tackled the client's beliefs and identity issues.

Sandra: Ok, let's see what we can do. So I want you to think of your favourite chocolate now, and notice how strong is the desire to have it, let's say 0-10.

Client: It's a 6

Sandra: Ok, so where do you feel this craving in your body?

Client: It's in my shoulders actually, like a pressure.

Sandra: Ok, what you are feeling in your shoulders is blocked energy that is causing this craving. So pay attention to this. I want you to think "this energy is softening", breathe and just pay attention to what happens, and tell me.

Client: It's going down my arms actually, bit heavy.

Sandra: Ok, so stay with it, think 'its softening and flowing' and tell me where it wants to leave your body.

Client: My finger tips. It's releasing now.

Sandra: Ok, think 'it's flowing out really fast' and tell me when it's all released. And when it had released. So return to your favourite chocolate. How much do you desire it now?

Client: A lot less, say a 2.

Sandra: OK, so locate where this energy comes from in your body, and again, breathe, think 'its softening and flowing' and allow it to find a way through and out of your body. Tell me what happens.

Client: Down my arms and out my hands again. That's great. I don't want it now. But it's really after 9 pm that I have the problem and it controls me.

Sandra: How much do you believe chocolate controls you? 0-10, where 10 is absolutely it does and 0 is it doesn't at all.

Client: Oh it's definitely a 10.

Sandra: Ok, so let's imagine you are in the place you normally are after 9 pm. Now think of chocolate and being under its control, and tell me what happens in your body.

Client: It's all back again, in my neck and shoulders.

Sandra: Ok, so let's repeat the process, think of the energy softening and flowing and tell me where it goes when it's soft enough to flow.

Client: Well, some has gone up into my head and some has gone down my arms again.

Sandra: Ok, when it's all released I want to ask you: How much does it control you now?

Client: It's a lot less, a 4. But I feel happy with that. I feel like I can have a choice if it's a 4.

Sandra: Ok, so you can leave it at 4 or we can release it further.

Client: Well actually, I don't think it's possible to completely release it; I've been doing this for 6 months.

Sandra: Ok, so when you think that thought: 'I don't think it's possible to release it all' what do you feel in your body?

Client: That's weird; it feels like it's in my thighs.

Sandra: Ok, so pay attention to this energy. Think 'it's softening really fast' and tell me where it goes.

Client: It releases down my legs and out my feet.

Sandra: Ok, so now do you still think it's not possible?

Client: Actually no, I think it is possible to release it all.

Sandra: So how much does chocolate control you now?

Client: It doesn't, it's released. I feel in control now.

Sandra: Ok, so you want to be totally free of chocolate. Let's say this is the new you, which is getting the old you back again. If the new you is a 10, how close do you feel to being the new chocolate free you now?

Client: 7-8

Sandra: So there's a small part of the old you remaining. Can you find where this feeling comes from in the body?

Client: yes, it's in my eyes.

Sandra: Ok, so pay attention, think 'this energy is softening and flowing' and tell me where it flows and releases, and let it all flow out.

Client: It's spreading down into my face and just dispersing off.

Sandra: So how close are you to being the new chocolate free you now?

Client: A 10. I feel really totally free of it. It feels really good, free and light.

Sandra: So let's check, bring back the favourite chocolate? How much do you want it?

Client: Absolutely not at all.

Sandra:  And remember how delicious it tasted, and the pleasure you used to have from it?

Client: I can't even access that. It doesn't feel pleasurable at all. I just don't want it.

So time will see how she gets on from here. I think we can be optimistic Smile





Posted Aug 17, 2010   
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