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Healing and Weight Loss Retreat Hurghada Healing and Weight Loss Retreat Hurghada We have found a beautiful Villa in Hurghada close to the sea to host our healing detox and weight loss retreats for 2016. Please take a look at the photos and programme details and feel free to get in touch with us for availability enquiries. As before, ...
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Audio Course Emotional Healing with EMO

Audio Course Emotional Healing with EMO

Audio recordings of a one day workshop with Master EMO Trainer Sandra Hillawi. A great way to understand more about your emotions, your energy system, how EMO works to help with emotional healing, to manage your emotional state, the way you respond to life and to help you feel better.

"The audios are really fantastic. I really think they complement your book "The Love Clinic" also. These audios show your ebook in real life. Your explanations are superb and down to earth. Even a lay person can understand even if he doesnt know anything about energy psychology. The sound is a bit distant in some parts but overall the audios are really awesome. Great gift for a starter like me."

Nadeem Bhai, Kenya

A quick intro video from Sandra ...



Course Introduction

The Principles of EMO

How The Human Energy System Works

Understanding The Real Nature of Emotions

Demonstration of Healing with EMO

Transforming Our Responses to What Life Presents Us

The Things People Say

How to Accept Criticism Masterfully

How to Really Receive Appreciation and Praise

Food for The Heart and Spirit

Understanding The Concept of Energy Nutrition

How to Heal Your own Heart of Energy

Attention and Love Required for Physical and Emotional Health


Meeting The Real You – Your Creative Template


Our Beliefs and How to Change Them

The Energetic Nature of Concepts and Beliefs

How Beliefs are Formed

How to Change our Concepts Beliefs

Staying Open and In Flow

Remaining Open to People

Why Its Important to Handle People's Energy Well

The Importance of the Practitioner Being in Flow

How to Build a Strong Heart

Helping Others with EMO

How to Do EMO by Telephone

Helping Another Person with EMO

Sheilds Barriers Disconnection

Understanding Shields and Barriers that Disconnect us from Life

What's Happening When People Don't Feel Their Emotions

Examples of Shields

How to Safely Release Barriers and Reconnect with Life

Demonstration Releasing Shields

Refining Your Technique

The Difference Between Willpower vs Intention

The Benefits of Using Hands for Healing vs Not Using Hands

Legal and Cultural Considerations when Helping Clients

Professional Requirements to Become a Practitioner

Requirements to be a Practitioner

Consolidation of EMO Theory

How to Run Healing Circles

Every Client is Our Own Personal Development Opportunity

What is An EMO Practitioner

Specialist for the Human Spirit

How to Round off a Client session when you Run out of Time

Sooth Down with Innocent Energy

Understanding The Densities of Energy

Working with Physical Pain

Testing to Find and Release All Aspects of a Problem

Handling the Different Energies of Life – Connecting and Nourishment


Audio Course no Certification £65

Special Offer £45

(electronic delivery mp3 download) 

 Purchase This Audio Course Now At Special Offer Price


On receipt of payment you will be send a weblink with 8 audio track links and a full index. You may download these mp3 files or listen to them with your windows media player.

Thank You .... Enjoy the transformation journey that awaits you Smile


Posted Mar 7, 2011   
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Sandra Hillawi - waiting for your call :-))

It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile 

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.

Telephone Number UK +44 (0) 2392 433928

or Add me to Skype : sandrahillawi

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Retreat Venues
Habiba Beach Lodge and Organic Farm Nuweiba Habiba Beach Lodge and Organic Farm Nuweiba Habiba Beach Lodge is an ideal venue for our cleansing healing retreat as its close to nature, a simple life, with a warm supportive hospitality and community. It's a very simple resort on the beach in Nuweiba with 10 ensuite air conditioned guest rooms ...
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