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4 Week Juice Fast Body and Spirit Cleansing and Weight Loss Retreat 4 Week Juice Fast Body and Spirit Cleansing and Weight Loss Retreat From 10 August 2013 we will be in Egypt for a one month juice fast, with focus on serious weight loss, deep tissue cleansing and healing the emotional and spiritual body. This is for people who want to deeply cleanse, rest, heal and renew themselves physically ...
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2017 Stress Less Weigh Less Healing Retreat Nuweiba Egypt

2017 Stress Less Weigh Less Healing Retreat Nuweiba Egypt

After a most amazing experience in September to October I am now planning the next Christmas and New Year Detox Healing Retreat from 28 December 2017 to 6 January 2018 in Nuweiba... with an amazing price offer.  This is an unforgettable healing and juice fasting detox retreat in the beautiful South Sinai. Combining cleansing for weight loss with the latest in Modern Stress Management, special Love Clinic workshops, lots of body work for relaxation and papmering plus music song and dancing. With plenty of free time also you will enjoy the magnificent naturescape of the Sinai and Gulf of Aqaba with time for fun and friendship to emerge light in body and spirit, radiant in health and happiness. Check out the details below ... 

Lose Stress Lose Weight

Health Love and Happiness Healing Retreat Nuweiba

9 Days

28 December 2017 to 6 January 2018

and 1-10 April 2018

Health Love And Happiness Retreat

Far from the crowds and the city in the breath taking natural beauty of South Sinai, under mountains and moonlight and a crystal clear sea your adventure begins.

This healing retreat will touch your soul and change your life. You will experience things you never experienced before. What its like to live on 100% natural foods and fresh juices, how your body will detoxify from the inside out and how clean radiant and healthy you will feel afterwards.... and several kilos less.

You will learn and become aware of how stress effects you in your life and measure your stress accurately for the first time, learning and applying techniques that will release stress and re-energise you, not just this week, but forever after.

You will explore healing your heart, loving yourself and bringing more love into your relationships in The Love Clinic workshops and connect to your soul unleashing your art in our creativity sessions.

You will learn about healing, for yourself and how to help others, it's natural, its simple and it's so beautiful.

Touch for healing is so important and lacking for many so we will have plenty of opportunities for shoulder massage, back massage, foot massage and simple energy healing through the Gentle Touch of Love

Prepare to swim, dance, relax, heal, cry, laugh, make friends and enjoy the most wonderful time as your body cleanses, the kilos melt away, your healthy glow returns, your heart fills to over flowing and your spirit becomes light.

This retreat is both educational bringing you new skills and training to help yourself and your family forever after with stress and emotions, with Certificates, as well as transformational for your health and personal love and happiness.

Take a closer look at the programme details and offers below....

Juices give you great clean skin

Great skin comes from cleansing from the inside out with fresh locally grown vegetable juices !


Cleanse Your Body

With freshly picked locally grown fruits and vegetables from Habiba Organic Farm we follow a 10 day detox programme. Starting and ending on beautiful nutritious salads the main cleanse is by 8 days of pure fruit and vegetable juices. A rainbow diet gives a range of important nutritients and juices are high quanlity, high density nutrition abosorbed into the body without using any digestive energy. This allows the body to cleanse and repair. Juicing brings you not only a feeling of cleanness inside out but a real actual cleanness and radiant health. The new radiant health will shine through the clarity of your skin. Juicing is a great health and beauty treatment for the whole of you.

Juice detox on the beach 


Cleanse Your Digestive System

Juicing is a great time to follow a digestive cleanse. We accumulate so much through our cooked and processed foods of complex combinations, that our digestive system and colon can be carrying alot of weight in itself, becoming sluggish. Did you know a healthy colon should give you a bowel movementf for each meal you eat? Digestive probemes and constipation can be helped by a good intestinal cleanse with herbs and water. This will not only improve your bloating, your transit of food and waste, your discomfort, but by cleansing you also remove the source of toxicity being reabsorbed into your blood stream. A clean colon means clean blood.

We cleanse using two herbal formulae brought from the UK. One is a powder combination of psyllium, charcoal, bentonite clay and marshmallow which when made up as a drink taken on an empty stomach cleanses and draws from the walls of your digestive system gathering all into a fibrous bulk. The second in capsules, with aloes, senna, cascara, cayenne, and garlic,  stimulates the natural muscle action of the digestive system and moves everything along helping you have easy multiple bowel movements as you clear away a history of accumulations within. 

Digestive Cleanse


Educate Your Mind 

We are Mind Body and Spirit and any health programme should address all aspect of our being. While you are juicing and detoxing we educate the Mind and free Spirit by focussing on stress management and your emotions in a range of amazing workshops lead by World Class Trainer and Author Sandra Hillawi. 

The Guild of Energists in the UK with members in 70 countries

Modern Stress Management 4 Workshops

In 4 enlightening, educational, practical, transformational training workshops you will

- learn stress awareness and carry out an accurate personal stress assessment

- learn a range of simple effective tools and techniques that you can use to help yourself release stress and feel better

- learn how to de-stress others and make others feel great and how empowerment cultivates natural leadership

- practice your new skills to solve todays stress problems, heal your past and empower your future

- receive a Certificate of Attendance of MSM Modern Stress Management Workshop from The Guild of Energists in the UK

- receive a colour handbook with a wrist band for measuring your stress and energy levels


stress management training egypt Certificates from The Guild of Energists UK


Cleanse and Renew Your Spirit

The Love Clinic  3 Workshops

Based on Sandra Hillawi's book The Love Clinic these three workshops will introduce you to EMO Energy In Motion, and how to transform your emotions then apply this approach to building a loving relationship with yourself, and healing your relationship with others. In these three workshops you will

- learn EMO the skill of transforming your emotions anywhere amy time in the moment and after the event

- learn and practice several strategies to grow deeper in love for yourself with a big focus on healing and feeding your heart

- apply EMO to heal your relationships with others and grow ever more towards love

Sandra's book The Love Clinic will be available for sale for an additional cost of 250le. You may order it on booking your retreat.

The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi


Hands of Love and Power 2 Workshops

We all need love and we all have love to give. These workshops will show you your own Hands of Love and your power to heal through touch to transfer that love to another person in need, or to yourself. You will

- learn how to raise love energy and the secret of powerful energy healing

- feel the real flow of energy between you and another person

- give and receive The Gentle Touch of Love helping to balance the emotions and spirit and feed the heart

These two workshops also serve as an introduction to the Modern Energy Healer training from The Guild of Energists which may be followed at a future date leading to membership of The Guild of Energists.

Hands of Love and Power


Body Work and Massage Workshops

Massage is wonderful. We all love it when someone squeezes our shoulders or gives us a foot massage. We crave touch and its important to our health for relaxing and nourshing the spirit. In these three workshops you will learn and practice giving and receiving different massage techniques and routines with a partner

- head and shoulders massage over clothes

- a clothed body massage without oil

- relaxing foot massage

After being blissed out in these classes you can bring these tools home to share with your family and freinds after your retreat.

 Shoulder massage at the beach


Get Inspired and Empower Your Future

Many of us fail in goal setting because we dont realise the importance of Energy. We set goals depending on our energy state. If our state is up and down, are goals are many and scattered. How fast we achieve goals is also according to our Energy state. If our energy drops, our goals slowdown or even fall by the way side as our power to take action fails. Learn how to use Energy techniques for setting inspiring goals that attract inspire and propel you towards them. Learn how to keep your energy high to achieive your goals and ensure success in your life ahead.

 Goals and Action To Achieve Need Energy


Music Song and Dance

The artists already know the joy of creativity and expresing themselves in music, painting, drawing, poetry, dancing, and sharing that with others, whatever form it may take. We will also make time for music, song and dance so if you have any talents in these areas, bring them along and be ready to share and bless us with your art.

 Music Song and Dance at our Retreats


The Venue

Habiba Beach Lodge and Organic Farm Nuweiba 

More venue photos and Venue information

Habiba Beach Lodge and Organic Farm is a community based project in Nuweiba South Sinai. Owners Maged El Sayed and his wife Lorena have a vision for sustainable organic farming, greening the desert and helping the local bedouin community with education and work through the farming projects. Habiba Beach Lodge where we will be staying is a tiny village on a beautiful sandy beach with magnificent views of the mountains of Sinai behind, of Saudi Arabia in front and the Red Sea Gulf of Aqaba in between. The sun rises straight ahead over Saudi Arabia's mountains and sets behind us over Sinai casting a red glow over the Gulf and mountains ahead. Its glorious and the most beautiful and natural and peaceful place you can imagine.

Rooms are ensuite with air conditioning and the beach has a number of bedouin sitting areas and sun loungers with beach bar and restaurant. There are some simpler cheaper rooms with a shower and toilet block also.

The food for our detox menu will mostly come from Habiba Organic Farm, picked fresh, nutritionally dense and free of chemicals perfect for our needs.


Summary Of Your All Inclusive Programme

The Venue

  • Single Ensuite rooms with A/C at Habiba Beach Lodge Nuweiba
  • 9 days¬†

The Detox

  • All inclusive detox menu - fresh from Habiba Organic Farm¬†
  • Raw food meals on arrival and departure
  • Juice fasting days in the interim
  • Cleansing programme for colon and digestive system ***
  • Water and Herbal teas¬†

The Amazing Life Changing Workshops

  • Amazing life changing workshops lead by International Trainer and Author Sandra Hillawi
    • - MSM Modern Stress Management - 4 classes with certification from The Guild of Energists
    • - The Love Clinic - Love yourself, Love Your Relationships - 3 workshops with Certificate from The GoE
    • - Your Creativity and Art Explored - 1 workshop
    • - Empower your own Healing Hands - give and receive energy healing - 2 workshops
    • - Learn massage, head, back, shoulders, feet to share and bless family and friends - 2 workshops
    • - Get Inspired for Life - Your Health Goals and Life Goals Coaching - 1 workshop


  • Evening group gatherings - relaxation or inspiration or social or dancing
  • Free time to relax swim snorkle and local outings¬†

*** Available to advance registrations with deposit only. Cannot guarantee availability for late registrations. Deposits must be received by 14 November to guarantee Digestive Cleanse due to advance purchases from the UK.

One to One Therapies Optional Extras Available

  • Energy EFT/EMO for Stress and Emotional Issues¬† 1 hour
  • Full body massage¬† 1 hr
  • Foot massage on the beach 30 minutes
  • Energy Healing 1 hour
  • Energy Coaching To Empower Your Life Goals 1 hour

Airport Transfers to Nuweiba can be organised for individuals or groups. Bus Transfers from Cairo to Nuweiba can be organised for groups only.


Your retreat leader is Sandra Hillawi


Delicious raw food menu at the start and end of the retreat for transitioning and healthy juice days in the middle

Detox Retreat Nuweiba Juice detox egypt 

Juice detox egypt Juice detox healing retreat egypt

 Juice detox egypt Juice detox egypt 

Juice detox egypt Juice detox egypt

More Pics and Retreat Feedback

28 December 2017 to 6 January 2018  9 Days

and 1-10 April 2018


Detox and Stress Management All Inclusive Price

For Accommodation, Detox Menu, Detox Kit and All Workshops 

13 500 LE / £ 595 GBP 


Detox Only Egyptian Nationals

Accommodation, Detox Menu, Detox Kit, Excluding Workshops 

9,500 LE  9 Days

5,250 LE 5 Days


Stress Management and Transformational Workshops

All 12 transformational workshops plus Level 1 Certificate in MSM Modern Stress Management

 4,000 LE 

Single Workshop  450 LE 

Two Workshops 850 LE 

Four Workshops 1500 LE 


Prices in GBP £ Sterling payable by card, paypal, or bank transfer in advance.

 Egyptian nationals an advance deposit of 4000 le is required to make a reservation.

Balance payable on arrival in LE.

Contact Sandra Reservation Enquiry


 Travel To Nuweiba

Nearest airport Sharm el Sheikh, Transfer 1 hr 45 to Nuweiba

Buses from Cairo: East Delta Bus Phone: 20 693 660600  Superjet Bus Phone: 20 693 661622

Buses get booked up fast. Please book early to ensure your ticket.



Send contact enquiry to Sandra Hillawi with name(s) and accommodation requirements. I will send an invoice to confirm your place. 30%. Balance 1 week before departure (cards) or on arrival.

Deposits can be paid by card to Sandra directly or to her local Agent in Cairo. Details supplied by email after receiving your enquiry.

Once you have confirmed your reservation, information about the resort, how to prepare for your detox retreat and what to bring will be emailed to you with a price list of additional therapies should you want to book extra.

Contact Sandra Reservation Enquiry

Cancellation Policy

Up to 3 weeks prior to start date you may cancel without penalty. After 3 weeks prior to start date no payments can be returned as cancellation effects the viability of the retreat for other guests. Please make sure your travel insurance covers your possible reasons for cancellation.

The retreat requires a minimum of 4 people to proceed. In the event of insufficient group size, the retreat may be cancelled or postponed. In this event all monies paid will be returned.


This retreat is not aimed at treating or diagnosing any medical condition. Each person should consult their GP for advice about following a juice fasting programme such as this, if they have any doubts about its suitability for them. If you are underweight, or losing weight is a problem for you, please consult with Sandra prior to booking to discuss menu adaptation for you to avoid too much weight loss. 


We advise anyone joining us to take the usual travel insurance to cover accidents, medical care, repatriation and all the usual risks in travelling overseas.

How To Reach Nuweiba

Some airlines are flying once again to Sharm el Sheikh so you may be able to find a direct flight from certain countries. Alternatively, fly to Cairo and take a local flight from Cairo to Nuweiba. Pegasus fly via Istanbul to Sharm el Sheikh and they are a cheaper airline. Or you may find a flight to Hurghada and take a local flight from Hurghada to Sharm el Sheikh. If you request help with transfers we can arrange a car or mini bus to meet you at Sharm el Sheikh airport and bring you to Nuweiba. 

Buses from Cairo: East Delta Bus Phone: 20 693 660600  Superjet Bus Phone: 20 693 661622 Buses get booked up fast. Please book early to ensure your ticket.

Happiness After the Juice Detox

Happy and healthy  after the Juice Detox !!


I look forward to arranging this Amazing

Stress Less Weigh Less Healing Retreat

for you in Nuweiba Christmas to New Year 2017 

27 December to 6 January

NEXT Retreat will be 1-11 April 2018

Contact Sandra Reservation Enquiry 



Posted Mar 11, 2017   
Contact Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi - waiting for your call :-))

It's always good to talk to a human being and have your questions answered in person Smile 

Please feel free to contact Sandra Hillawi with any questions about these retreats and for all your booking enquiries.

Telephone Number UK +44 (0) 2392 433928

or Add me to Skype : sandrahillawi

or Contact Me by email


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